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      Looking For A Bankruptcy Lawyer Near Me In EAGAN, MN?

      Posted by Wesley Scott on March 14

      LifeBack Law is your neighbor! LifeBack Law is Eagan’s favorite bankruptcy law firm and we are located near you in Eagan, Minnesota at 4480 Erin Drive, Eagan, MN 55122. If you are looking for Minnesota’s HIGHEST GOOGLE reviewed bankruptcy law firm, look no further than LifeBack Law Firm right near where you live. When Eagan, MN residents are suffering from overwhelming debt, they want a law firm whose staff pampers them and takes care of them, not a law firm whose staff is self-centered and could care less about you.

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      The Truth About Student Loan Debt and Bankruptcy

      Posted by Wesley Scott on November 20

      Student loan debt is what we have done to our children. The promise to the children is this: go to school, get a degree, and make more money and have a better life right? The price tag for this promise? Crippling student loan debt that can survive your death even. Like a gimmicky infomercial that promises some get-rich-quick scheme, colleges are infomercials on steroids. The price tag for an infomercial product or service may be 2-10k. The price tag for a college degree can easily exceed 100k. And who gets duped in the end and left holding the bag for this empty promise? You!

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      Thinking About Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Eden Prairie, MN? Read This First

      Posted by Wesley Scott on October 31

      You probably are well aware of the courage it takes to reach out for help regarding an overwhelming debt problem. And then to make the decision to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on top of it is even more awe-inspiring. At Kain & Scott, we celebrate the client’s courage to reach out to us all the time. We celebrate that courage by going above and beyond the normal level of service and treating clients exceptionally well.

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      The Cost of Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in MN

      Posted by Wesley Scott on October 18

      Obviously, when you are considering filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the cost of filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is important. Some firms will not give you their fees over the phone or on their website. I guess they don’t want to deal with those people wondering how much the fees are to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I honestly don’t know why a firm would not share the fees with you unless they cannot justify the price of their fees to you over the phone or on their website. Maybe there is a reason why you should make some extra phone calls if the firm is not interested in helping you get your life back beyond what is in your wallet.

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      How to Talk to Kain & Scott’s MN Bankruptcy Lawyers Almost Instantly!

      Posted by William Kain on March 22

      At Kain & Scott, our firm helps hundreds of Minnesotans each year recover from many different types of unmanageable financial problems. When you’re drowning in debt, you don’t need to continue to struggle. Look to a professional, kind and helpful MN Bankruptcy Lawyer who understands your needs and is able to help. Each day that we put off resolving our overwhelming debt problems we are impacted negatively in a variety of ways - especially our credit rating, which is an essential financial tool for many of us. When your debts are piling up, you need help now. Here are some tips our staff has put together to aid you along the way and get you the help you need fast!

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      How to Use A MN Bankruptcy Lawyer to Your Advantage

      Posted by Margaret Henehan on February 28

      We are all somewhat familiar with bankruptcy. We know it can be used to eliminate or reduce the majority of unsecured debts. But there are many ways beyond the obvious benefits that many of us don’t know about. Lets taking a closer look at some of the lesser-known benefits to filing bankruptcy and how a MN Bankruptcy Lawyer can help you with your overwhelming debt problems by taking a more proactive approach.

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      Discover The Secrets To Finding The Best MN Bankruptcy Lawyers

      Posted by Margaret Henehan on February 27

      We all have experienced the frustrating feeling you get when you pay too much for goods and services. There’s nothing more aggravating than shelling out big bucks for new technology only to see it at a fraction of the cost weeks later or paying an arm and a leg for an auto repair only to learn later that one of your friends got the same repair by a different auto shop much cheaper. The same frustrations apply to our legal and financial needs. It’s important to be certain we are investing in representation that can keep our best interests in mind especially when it comes to finding good MN Bankruptcy Lawyers.
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      The Only Eagan MN Bankruptcy Lawyers You Should Hire

      Posted by Wesley Scott on February 16

      When I feel down and out, I want someone on my side, going to bat for me, picking up the slack for me, because in the moment, I feel weak, and low energy. When you suffer from overwhelming debt, the last thing you need is an Eagan MN Bankruptcy Lawyer that is stuffy, mean, and makes you do most of the work. Have you ever talked to someone and you know they are speaking to you in a condescending tone? I don’t like it- at all!

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      4 Unique Ways You Can Meet With A MN Bankruptcy Lawyer At Kain & Scott

      Posted by Wesley Scott on December 7

      Have you ever given serious thought to solving your overwhelming debt problem, but you just can’t find time to meet with a Bankruptcy Lawyer? Or, have you ever wanted to meet with an experienced Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyer but you are too afraid to meet face to face?  Meet Kain & Scott, MN's Nicest Bankruptcy Law Firm, who has perfected the process of Bankruptcy to make it soothing to our guests- we do most of the work while you relax and spend time with family.

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      How Our MN Bankruptcy Lawyers Have Made Filing Bankruptcy Easier

      Posted by Wesley Scott on October 21

      Kain & Scott has been in existence since 1972. As Minnesota’s oldest Bankruptcy Law Firm, our MN Bankruptcy Lawyers have seen a thing or two about the Bankruptcy Process evolution that has taken place in Minnesota over the years. I can remember when I came aboard the firm in 1997, we would file bankruptcy cases with the bankruptcy court my mailing 3 copies of the petition and schedules to the bankruptcy court. You never knew which day was going to be your date of filing because you never knew exactly when the bankruptcy court would receive your package of copies.

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      The Biggest Secret To Finding The Best Bankruptcy Lawyers in MN

      Posted by Wesley Scott on October 14

      You are sick of the financial chaos and uncertainty. You are tired of worrying about opening the latest onslaught of bills coming in. It’s time to do something about it. You have gone to a website that lays your choices out well- that is, how do you solve an overwhelming debt problem for good. You make the courageous decision to put your family first and your creditors second. You decide it’s time to get your life back and move on with living instead of constant worrying. You should be proud of yourself!

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      The Dischargeable Debts Our MN Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Help You With

      Posted by Wesley Scott on August 31

      Declaring Bankruptcy and wiping out mountains of unmanageable debt can be a great catalyst for financial recovery and stability.  Many financial obligations can be completely discharged under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy offers easy repayment plans for those who are ineligible for Chapter 7 yet still experiencing financial hardships.

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      What To Expect From Your MN Bankruptcy Lawyer

      Posted by Wesley Scott on August 23

      Many people are concerned about how a bankruptcy will reflect on them and what impact it will have on their life and finances moving forward. Because of the stigma surrounding Bankruptcy, a legal process designed to provide US citizens with a means for financial recovery when needed, many people don’t talk about their financial hardships or their experience going through the Bankruptcy Process. We will be talking Dean in this segment and gaining the insight of an average Minnesotans experience Filing Bankruptcy with a MN Bankruptcy Lawyer and addressing their finances immediately following the discharge of their Bankruptcy. This is intended to shed some light on what can be expected and to debunk some of the common myths and misconceptions so let’s begin.

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      9 Bankruptcy Lawyers MN Debtors Stories most Can Relate To

      Posted by Margaret Henehan on July 27

      Did you know that all of my clients are Minnesotans like yourself? Live in Central Minnesota or the Twin Cities? Work hard to pay their bills on time every month? It's true. In almost all cases the actions of my clients wasn't the reason they've gotten into such a financial mess. None of them planned to be meeting with a MN Bankruptcy Lawyer to File Bankruptcy. But there is one thing they all have in common - they want to take control of their finances again and get their life back. Each year my colleagues and I help hundreds of Minnesotan Debtors just like you get their lives back. In this blog i'm going to share with you a few stories of our past clients. Most likely by the end of it you'll realize that your not alone. 

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      MN Bankruptcy Lawyers And Your Family: A Closer Look At Common Concerns

      Posted by Wesley Scott on July 22

      Having a family brings with it many responsibilities and obligations. We all want to do the very best we can for our loved ones. Unfortunately, unexpected hardships and financial difficulties are almost inevitable with the limited resources that many of us must contend with. Bankruptcy proceedings are designed specifically as a solution for those faced with such hardships so that they may again find financial stability and bring comfort for those we love, cherish and care for. MN Bankruptcy Lawyers can provide you with a fresh start to your finances and immediately halt any actions being taken against you by many of your creditors so that you may begin the process of recovery and family stability.

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      Where To Find Our MN Bankruptcy Lawyers and How To Get One

      Posted by Wesley Scott on June 9

      Bankruptcy can be quite the complicated process and especially if you don't know what you are doing. But it doesn't have to be that way! At Kain & Scott we have several MN Bankruptcy Lawyers with years of experience here to help you with the mounds of worksheets, prepare you for the 341 meeting and to file your case with the court. Plus, they make the Bankruptcy Process quick, easy and will guarantee that everything has been done right so your debts get discharged.

      If your case gets thrown out your probably not going to be very happy and you'll be back in the exact same boat that you're in now. That's why getting help from Kain & Scott will make a world of a difference! But where can you find one of our MN Bankruptcy Lawyers? And how do you get one of them? Here's how to get in touch with a Kain & Scott Bankruptcy Lawyer today, to help get you started on the road to a debt free life again! 

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