The Biggest Secret To Finding The Best Bankruptcy Lawyers in MN

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 14, 2016 at 11:04 AM
Wesley Scott

finding-best-mn-bankruptcy-lawyer-secret.jpgYou are sick of the financial chaos and uncertainty. You are tired of worrying about opening the latest onslaught of bills coming in. It’s time to do something about it. You have gone to a website that lays your choices out well- that is, how do you solve an overwhelming debt problem for good. You make the courageous decision to put your family first and your creditors second. You decide it’s time to get your life back and move on with living instead of constant worrying. You should be proud of yourself!

At Kain & Scott our MN Bankruptcy Lawyers honor the courage and anxiety it takes to reach out to us for help. If you have decided to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Minnesota, we have your back! But, we are only one Minnesota Bankruptcy Law Firm in a sea of other MN Bankruptcy Lawyers. So, how do you know who is the best? How do you know who to choose to help you get your life back? There is a way to find out without even picking up the phone or reaching out to the law firm first. But, first, a few words of caution.


Be careful of MN Bankruptcy Law Firms that claim to be the biggest- and then by inference, they claim to be the best. Just because you are the biggest does not mean your service is the best. Remember, we all do bankruptcy work- so in the end you still get what you want almost anywhere you go.

Everyone that is looking for a MN Bankruptcy Lawyer is looking for the same thing, a bankruptcy discharge. You want to wipe your debts out and start fresh! The difference in law firms is how they go about the process of getting your life back.

If the place you go to is the biggest but they treat you like you are a nobody and then dump a pile of forms in your lap and say good luck, that is not what I have in mind when I think of a law firm “helping” you get your life back.


I recently spoke with a very upset client of another Bankruptcy Lawyer in Roseville, Minnesota. She hired the lawyer because the lawyer was really cheap. I reviewed the forms and the file for her. The forms were very unprofessional- they were filled out by hand and incomplete.

The client’s case was not that complicated but there were a few issues that needed to be cleaned up. The client did get her discharge but failure to clean up these issues might mean she will lose her discharge (failing to cooperate with the trustee is grounds to have your discharge revoked).

The client called her lawyer to clean up these few remaining issues and do you know what the lawyer told her? I am done with your case and I don’t represent you anymore. WHAT?? So, the client comes to me to clean up issues her first lawyer should have done for her with no problems. I felt bad for this person so I helped her.

The MN Bankruptcy Attorney charged the client very little and the client received very little in return. When I hire a professional, I want to be treated like a rock star not a nuisance. This lawyer treated this person like she was a nuisance not a client who was paying her salary.

If you want cheap, you will get what you pay for- mountains of forms to fill out, you will meet with someone who has a picnic table for a conference room table and you will feel generally quite icky about the experience. And then, if you have problems, best of luck to you!


It is unfortunate but true. Our MN Bankruptcy Lawyers receive so many phone calls from clients who say something like this- I filed a bankruptcy with so and so but she no longer practices in Minnesota or he is now doing document review for another firm or she no longer does bankruptcy work. The problem with all of these cases is the client needed some questions answered about their previous case filing and no one is there to help them anymore.

Kain & Scott has been around since 1972. We also do nothing but bankruptcy work. Choose a firm that will be around tomorrow and the next day. Also, choose a firm that does nothing but bankruptcy work. You never want to hire a jack of all trades and master of none.


We live in a new era where people get to express their views about a business instantly. I personally love google reviews because they are the most honest way to assess how you will be treated when you hire their service or bu their product.
Oh sure, there are some google reviews from former customers that might have been a little hyper sensitive, but if you see several unfavorable google reviews, the alarm bells should be sounding in your mind. If the firm doesn’t have google reviews at all or very few- ask yourself- why is this so? Is their service not impressive enough for any clients to even give them a review at all?

Folks, besides getting a referral from a trusted friend or relative, google reviews are the single best way to see how you will be treated by the firm if you hire them to File Bankruptcy for you. I think it is very important for customers to leave honest reviews of a business so that other future customers can see what they can expect and either promote the business or warn others!

I personally check all google reviews before staying at a hotel or go on vacation somewhere. So, if you are considering hiring the Best Bankruptcy Attorney in Minnesota, or want to File a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Minnesota, google reviews are your friend, and they are constantly being updated.

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