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Posted by Wesley Scott on February 16, 2017 at 4:00 PM
Wesley Scott

eagan-mn-bankruptcy-lawyer.jpegWhen I feel down and out, I want someone on my side, going to bat for me, picking up the slack for me, because in the moment, I feel weak, and low energy. When you suffer from overwhelming debt, the last thing you need is an Eagan MN Bankruptcy Lawyer that is stuffy, mean, and makes you do most of the work. Have you ever talked to someone and you know they are speaking to you in a condescending tone? I don’t like it- at all!

Thankfully, you don’t have to put up with that. Kain & Scott is a widely recognized Minnesota Bankruptcy Law Firm. We don’t reward our Bankrutpcy Lawyers in Eagan based on production- that’s bad for our guests. Instead, we reward our lawyers and staff based on how well they treat our guests. Sound novel to you? Well, it is! Most law firms reward production, that’s it! Not at Kain & Scott. You could be the highest producing lawyer here and still get fired if you treat our guests poorly. That, is great for our clients!

So, why else should you hire Kain & Scott's Eagan MN Bankruptcy Lawyers? Let me count the reasons:


Don’t take our word for why you should hire Kain & Scott in Eagan. Instead, take our former guest’s word for it! Read our reviews and you will find that our guests are profoundly happy with the way we treated them and how we helped them get their lives back.

Be careful of reading fake reviews. If you read reviews that are glowing but really short, be cautious. I am amazed how you can read reviews and tell which ones you know are real and which ones seem a little fake.

Read them all! Some businesses like to hide really bad reviews by carpet bombing new reviews with glorious and over the top glowing reviews. If you read them, you can find out what former clients really thought of the law firm and their service.


Kain & Scott is Minnesota’s only Bankruptcy Law Firm to guarantee we are Eagan, Minnesota’s nicest Bankruptcy Law Firm or we will return 100% of your fees*. Now that is putting your money where your mouth is. We don’t just say we are the nicest bankruptcy law firm, we guarantee we are!

Our business model is built upon producing the best possible customer service experience for our guests-period. What do our guests think of our business model? They absolutely love it! It’s not about us, it’s about our guests!

If you ever visit a law firm or you find yourself visiting with a lawyer and you feel awkward, not listened to, or feel like you are being talked down to, run for the hills and head over to Kain & Scott- we have been waiting for you!


What the hell are you taking about Wes? You heard me! We do the 2 step with you. 2 steps and 1 result. Let me explain more.

At Kain & Scott, we don’t judge you, we HELP you get your life 2 steps!

STEP 1: We HELP you get rid of debt

The first step is like doing surgery. A doctor performs surgery to remove or mend a broken part of your body. When you have overwhelming debt, you are financially sick. We file a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy for you with the goal of eliminating your overwhelming debt.

When we help you get rid of debt, we HELP you by not giving you a huge set of worksheets to fill out. We also don’t make you pull your own credit reports or asset reports. We do most of the work for you so you can relax- and enjoy your family and friends.

But getting rid of debt is only the first step. While it is obviously an important one, we are not finished helping you get your life back!

STEP 2: We HELP you repair your credit

Getting rid of debt is wonderful. But, just as important as getting rid of your debt is helping you get your life back by improving your credit score and credit profile immediately. At Kain & Scott, we help you all the way.

That is why we have developed the 90 DAY FREE CREDIT REPAIR PROGRAM* at Kain & Scott. Immediately after your discharge is entered, and your debt is wiped out, we want you to enter into our 90 day free program. Here is what our guests can expect in our FREE 90 DAY CREDIT REPAIR PROGRAM:

1) FREE Credit repair specialist

2) FREE list of Minnesota professionals who help you obtain auto and home financing.

3) FREE judgment removal

4) FREE Credit report repair

5) FREE Course on tricks to improve your credit

With this program, our guests don’t just leave us with the debt gone, but they leave us with their credit score substantially restored and on it’s way to being great! Coming into this process, our guests are suffering from overwhelming debt, a not so hot credit score, and possibly numerous judgments against them. However, when they leave us, the debt is gone, judgments removed, and credit reports repaired. That is what I call getting your life back!


If you are considering hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Eagan, Minnesota, don’t hire them unless all of their reviews are rock star status! By this I mean, former guests should have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with the firm the from the first review to the last!

Don’t hire the firm unless they are willing to guarantee their service will be the highest in the industry. The days of having to settle for below average and even crappy customer service experiences is now over. There are law firms that specialize in treating guests really well!

Finally, never hire a law firm unless they are willing to 1) get rid of your debt and 2) help you improve your credit with an in-house credit repair specialist. When you have experienced the service at Kain & Scott, we doubt you would ever go back to anything less!

* client is required to pay costs but there are no fees

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