MN Bankruptcy Lawyers And Your Family: A Closer Look At Common Concerns

Posted by Wesley Scott on July 22, 2016 at 10:10 AM
Wesley Scott

MN_Bankruptcy_And_Your_Family.pngHaving a family brings with it many responsibilities and obligations. We all want to do the very best we can for our loved ones. Unfortunately, unexpected hardships and financial difficulties are almost inevitable with the limited resources that many of us must contend with. Bankruptcy proceedings are designed specifically as a solution for those faced with such hardships so that they may again find financial stability and bring comfort for those we love, cherish and care for. MN Bankruptcy Lawyers can provide you with a fresh start to your finances and immediately halt any actions being taken against you by many of your creditors so that you may begin the process of recovery and family stability.

Through a bankruptcy one is discharged or released from many of one’s legal obligations to creditors. Bankruptcy is available to people seeking financial relief under federal law and is intended for those who need the help just as it is with other government systems such as Social Security and Affordable Care Act. Yet many people unjustly associate this legal process with negative preconceptions such as the belief that only those who are financial failures file bankruptcy. Anyone whose family has been burdened with financial hardship and aggressive collection tactics should shed these false notions and seek the relief to which they are legally entitled. MN Bankruptcy Lawyers can provide you with an immediate solution to getting you out from under your debts and getting your life back to what is truly important: our families and loved ones.

What About The Aggressive Harassment From My Creditors?

When a family stumbles with finances due to unexpected costs this can often lead to a major snowball effect as more and more bills and obligations continue to fall farther and farther into default. This can lead to aggressive and harassing action being taken by creditors. The car you need to bring your children back and forth from school and doctor’s appointments could be repossessed and the utilities you rely on every day for the most basic of needs can be put into jeopardy with notices threatening the discontinuation of services. This takes a toll on not just the breadwinners of the house but your entire family. We need to be able to focus on the needs of our children which extend far beyond the financial aspects of caring for a family and this can seem impossible when the foreclosure notice arrives at your door. But there is help for those who seek it.

Many people who file bankruptcy have a genuine desire to satisfy their financial obligations even when these debts can eliminated through their bankruptcy. MN Bankruptcy Lawyers can immediately halt the actions being taken against you by many of your creditors and forces them to once again address you with the common respect all of us deserve. Creditors are no longer able to strong arm you through questionable collection methods and are far more likely to work with you and negotiate terms just as many attempt to do before being pursued aggressively by creditors. When faced with the terrifying scenario of losing the car you rely on to get your child to the hospital if there is an emergency or perhaps a loved one who requires regular doctor visits many people find themselves deeply affected by a sense of hopelessness and despair. It is difficult enough being a parent and providing for your family without the heavy burden of an imminent automobile repossession or a foreclosure notice. Bankruptcy can allow you to secure your home and automobile so that you may begin the healing and recovery process and see your family through to better days to come.

Doesn’t It Cost A lot To File Bankruptcy?

Many people are simply too overwhelmed by everything to even take the time to really sit down and evaluate if bankruptcy is a good option for them to pursue. There are false preconceptions many people have often reinforced by malicious and misleading creditors and third party collection firms. It is important for families to understand the facts rather than the nonsense being told to them by angry creditors eager to be paid in full. Many people don’t consider bankruptcy because they believe it to be an expensive process. That is simply not true. The cost of filing the bankruptcy itself can be very affordable and in most instances regardless if it is a single person or married couple who is filing and there are many ways to work with you for financial relief. When you are being hounded by creditors it can really begin to make you think less of yourself and it’s very important to remember you are no less significant of a person than anyone else regardless of your financial situation. Some people have a false conception that lawyers are scholarly and successful beyond the station of a typical citizen and that law firms only give serious consideration to those with substantial income which is just still nonsense perpetuated by television and media for dramatic effect.

At Kain & Scott we are heavily invested in our communities and neighbors and proudly offer our services at a very affordable rate to any in need of them. At Kain & Scott our MN Bankruptcy Lawyers are intimately familiar with the hardships you face and can offer immediate relief all while treating you with the dignity and respect you deserve. Many people are aware that bankruptcy is a legal process overseen by the federal courts and they envision going before a judge and jury again and through a lengthy and time consuming process but in many cases those seeking relief through bankruptcy are only required to attend one very informal hearing called the “meeting of creditors” involving the bankruptcy trustee and any creditors which choose to attend. By becoming informed about the bankruptcy process and your rights to seek relief by these means you can get back to focusing on happiness and the future of your family free from the stress and hardship preventing you from doing so at this time.

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