How Our MN Bankruptcy Lawyers Have Made Filing Bankruptcy Easier

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 21, 2016 at 3:34 PM
Wesley Scott

mn-bankruptcy-lawyers-filing-process.pngKain & Scott has been in existence since 1972. As Minnesota’s oldest Bankruptcy Law Firm, our MN Bankruptcy Lawyers have seen a thing or two about the Bankruptcy Process evolution that has taken place in Minnesota over the years. I can remember when I came aboard the firm in 1997, we would file bankruptcy cases with the bankruptcy court my mailing 3 copies of the petition and schedules to the bankruptcy court. You never knew which day was going to be your date of filing because you never knew exactly when the bankruptcy court would receive your package of copies.

Today, all bankruptcy filings are electronic so we know not only the date you will have your bankruptcy filed, but you will also know the exact time your case has been filed. Oh, how times have changed- and for the better! At Kain & Scott, we are constantly monitoring the process of filing bankruptcy to make sure the process is as smooth as possible for our guests. The lead up to the decision to file can be painful enough, the process itself, should not be painful to our guests.
How has Kain & Scott made the process of filing bankruptcy in Minnesota easier? It all starts at the beginning. $0 up front on our fees and easy payment plans!*


Our Minnesota guests lead very busy lives. The demands placed on the average family today are staggering compared with decades ago. Reaching out to us for help should not be painful. It should be easy and pain free. That is why, at Kain & Scott, we can consult with you in one of 4 convenient ways:

1) In Person at one of our 7 convenient and professional Minnesota locations

We have offices in Brainerd, St. Cloud, Maple Grove, Eden Prairie, Roseville, Eagan, Minneapolis and Woodbury. All of our locations are professional and clean. We always invite our guests to meet us in person.

2) Phone
We can consult with you on the telephone for 30 minutes. Have a phone? You can set up a phone consultation with our intake specialist and speak with us at first on the telephone.

3) Skype

We can meet with you for 30 minutes via skype from the comfort of your own home or office. Welcome to 2016. We have computers and we have skype. If you would prefer to meet us from the comfort of your home or office

4) Face time
If you have an I-phone, we can Face Time from wherever you are at on the planet! We have had some guests think Face Time meant in-person, so we will be clear with you if we mean Face Time, we mean I-phone Face Time!


At Kain & Scott the review and sign appointment can also be done in one of the four ways above. The review and sign appointment is really a meeting between the Kain & Scott team and you to make sure the information in the schedules is true and correct. We never give you a large packet of worksheets to fill out. We do most of the work for you so you can spend time relaxing with friends and family.

We have developed a unique process of filing bankruptcy in Minnesota that is both soothing and comforting to our clients. We call it the KainScott way.


We attend the meeting with you, and answer all of your questions about the process. You know in advance what to expect so you are comfortable and calm. Most of our guests do experience some nervousness but you feel confident you have been prepared well.


With your courage and our help you get your life back! The debt nightmare is over and now we help you repair and rebuild your credit after receiving a bankruptcy discharge. We don’t mail you a discharge and you are finished with us! Oh no! Our services extend to you for life- we give all of our guests free advice for life cards- only sent to Kain & Scott clients. You can call us anytime, for the rest of your life, and receive 15 minutes of free legal advice!

We also lead you through the 5 easy steps to improve your credit score after bankruptcy. Why stop there? We also give our guests a free guide to professionals in Minnesota that can help you get your life back in other ways.

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At Kain & Scott we have had over 44 years of practice to refine the process of filing bankruptcy in Minnesota. We have used those years wisely to make the process of filing bankruptcy in Minnesota both soothing and comforting to our guests. We do most of the work, while our guests relax and enjoy family and friends.

If you are looking for a professional bankruptcy team to be on your side, look out for you, and protect you from your creditors, Kain & Scott is the right choice. We are proud of what our former guests have to say about us online with google reviews. When the time is right, or when you are ready, reach out to Kain & Scott. We exist for one reason and one reason only- to help Minnesotans get their lives back! Remember, at Kain & Scott, “we don’t judge you, we HELP you get your life back”.

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