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Posted by Margaret Henehan on July 27, 2016 at 2:08 PM
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Bankruptcy-Lawyers-MN-Debtors-Stories.pngDid you know that all of my clients are Minnesotans like yourself? Live in Central Minnesota or the Twin Cities? Work hard to pay their bills on time every month? It's true. In almost all cases the actions of my clients wasn't the reason they've gotten into such a financial mess. None of them planned to be meeting with a MN Bankruptcy Lawyer to File Bankruptcy. But there is one thing they all have in common - they want to take control of their finances again and get their life back. Each year my colleagues and I help hundreds of Minnesotan Debtors just like you get their lives back. In this blog i'm going to share with you a few stories of our past clients. Most likely by the end of it you'll realize that your not alone. 

The 9 Stories:

1. Rachel - St Cloud, MN 

Rachel filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy at our St Cloud MN Bankruptcy Law Firm after falling behind on her mortgage payments. She came into our St Cloud Office fairly early, after about 6 months of missed payments and we were able to get her into a Chapter 13 plan. Her Chapter 13 plan paid the mortgage arrears and paid off some other medical and credit card debt as well. She was able to save the house through the Chapter 13.

2. Bill - Brainerd, MN

Bill came to us to have one of our Brainerd MN Bankruptcy Lawyers File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for him. He had two failed businesses and had personally guaranteed the business debt. He needed a fresh start to get out from the business debt and emotional stress that came with it. Bill received a Chapter 7 Discharge and was able to move on from the debt.

3. Chris - Maple Grove, MN

A few years back our Maple Grove MN Bankruptcy Attorneys filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Chris, a recovering gambling addict. He had maxed out all of his credit cards and was beginning to steal money for gambling before he realized he had an addiction. After years of counseling and recovery and he had overcome his gambling addiction but still had all the debt to show for it. We were able to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to discharge the gambling debt.

4. Jaime - Roseville, MN

Jaime came in and explained she was “young and dumb” and needed a solution to her debt before she got married. She didn’t want her fiancé to get saddled with any of her debt from before they were together. Our Roseville MN Bankruptcy Lawyers her case before they got married so as to not have to include him in the process and to discharge the debt before they became husband and wife.

5. Shirley - Eden Prairie, MN

Shirley filed a chapter 7 at 75 years old. She thought she could ignore the creditor phone calls and letters but it became too stressful. Even though she was only on social security and 'judgment proof’ it was still too stressful to deal with all the creditor communications. At our Eden Prairie MN Bankruptcy Law Firm we filed her a Chapter 7 Bankruptcyto give her peace of mind and peace and quiet.

6. Debra - Eagan, MN

Debra avoided filing bankruptcy for many years after her divorce. She believed that she could get by on just her one income, keep up with expenses and be able to afford to pay off the credit card debt she was ordered to pay in the divorce. After struggling for many years and feeling like she was never going to get ahead she came in to have our Eagan MN Bankruptcy Lawyers file a bankruptcy. She filed a chapter 13, based on her income, and was able to get set up a repayment plan that she could afford. She no longer felt like she was just barely staying afloat.

7. Ben - Minneapolis, MN 

Our Minneapolis MN Bankruptcy Attorneys a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for Ben. He needed a reprieve from his student loans. He knew the chapter 13 wasn’t going to wipe away the student loan debt. Filing a chapter 13 gave him 5 years to hold the student loan companies at bay and work towards a greater earning potential to be able to keep up with payments when the chapter 13 was concluded.

8. Susan - St. Paul, MN 

Susan got overstretched with a high payment, high interest car loan. She probably shouldn’t have qualified for the loan in the first place on her income. When she fell behind and the vehicle was repossessed she received a bill for $21,000. The difference between the car auction price and the amount still left on her loan. It was her only debt, and she knew that it would take years and years to pay off a car that she no longer had possession of. She filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy to get out of the debt. We referred her to dealerships our law firm works with to get into a car she could afford.

9. Mike - Woodbury, MN 

Mike lost a house due to a foreclosure in the recession. The foreclosure was over 5 years ago but he still was making payments on the second mortgage that didn’t get paid in the foreclosure sale. He was on a monthly payment arrangement with the holder of the second mortgage when all of a sudden he received lawsuit papers. The bank had decided to sue to get a judgment on the debt. Knowing that he couldn’t afford to have his bank account levied or his pay stubs garnished each week he had our Woodbury MN Bankruptcy Attorneys file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The chapter 7 discharged all of the debt associated with the second mortgage. Instead of the second mortgage getting monthly payments through the payment plan, the bank forced Mike into a bankruptcy and they were left getting nothing.

The Truth Is You're Not Alone

You might see a story above similar to your own, or you may come with your own individual situation with a wildly different set of circumstances. At this point in our practice we have probably seen close to everything, hopefully the above information gives you some reassurance that the clients that seek our help are just like you, hardworking, honest Minnesotans that deserve a break.

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