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Posted by Wesley Scott on December 7, 2016 at 2:26 PM
Wesley Scott

minnesota-bankruptcy-attorneys-kain-scott.jpgHave you ever given serious thought to solving your overwhelming debt problem, but you just can’t find time to meet with a Bankruptcy Lawyer? Or, have you ever wanted to meet with an experienced Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyer but you are too afraid to meet face to face?  Meet Kain & Scott, MN's Nicest Bankruptcy Law Firm, who has perfected the process of Bankruptcy to make it soothing to our guests- we do most of the work while you relax and spend time with family.

The Kain & Scott Bankruptcy Law Firm has been around since 1972 so we know a thing or two about “practicing” bankruptcy law and perfecting the process of Filing Bankruptcy in Minnesota. We are pleased to present a variety of options to reach out to an experienced Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyer to discuss the details of your particular situation. Of course, there are old fashion ways of doing business too. But, there are news ways to conduct business that make it much more convenient for our guests.


Option #1:


We list this as choice number one because I believe meeting our guests in person is still the best form of meeting. You get a chance to interview us and we get a chance to interview you. Our business is based on providing exceptional customer service, so as soon as you walk through our front door, we will be treating you like a rock star!

This is comforting to our guests because they are not feeling like rock stars at the moment. That is why we break out the exceptional customer service- because you are human and you are in a rough patch in your life.

At Kain & Scott, we honor the courage and anxiety it took for you to reach out to us. Every time one of our guests come in the front door they always tell us they immediately felt at ease- like this is a place where they could get help- that this is a place where they could get their lives back.

Option #2:


What an incredible improvement over the telephone! Skype allows you to see us and for us to see you and carry on a conversation. The initial versions of skype were a little bit frustrating. There was always a bit of a time delay in voice transmission and sometimes you couldn’t get the picture to come through.

But the newest versions of skype are excellent. The voice delays are gone and the picture is excellent quality. We do occasionally have problems getting the picture or sound to work but that is usually just a setting issue. The beauty of skype is we can meet with guests in the comfort of their own home! This was never before possible.

No longer do you have to be within 30 miles of our office to meet with us. Now, you could live in Minnesota a stones throw from the Canadian border, or in Caledonia, Minnesota, near the Iowa boarder and we can still help you get your life back!

We skype with our Minnesota guests all the time and it has proven to be a wonderful tool in bridging the distance gap.

Option #3:


Another wonderful tool to bridge the distance gap is FACETIME. My understanding is that the only phone system this will work with is an Apple phone. I could be wrong about that though. Of course, the technology is always changing so that if you don’t have an I-phone there may be an app you can purchase to download FACETIME.

FACETIME is wonderful in that you could be in your car, pulled over at the side of the road, having a meeting with an experienced Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer for 30 minutes. Increasingly, we are becoming a society of meetings in ways other than in person.

If you have FACETIME and 30 minutes, we can conduct your consultation wherever you are and whenever is convenient for you! I have conducted many appointments along the side of the road, pulled over, and solving problems. I can hear and see it through the phone- the site and sound of relief.

Option #4:

Give Us A Call

Have a telephone and 30 minutes? If so, any one of our experienced Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyers would be happy to consult with you whenever it is convenient for you. I would guess about a third of our initial consultations are done by phone.

The thing that I really like about the telephone is allows our guests to remain somewhat anonymous and yet ask questions and get clarity about their particular set of circumstances. If you are like me, and have high anxiety, the telephone may be the right choice for you to reach out to us initially.

Of course, the telephone also allows you to break the distance gap by being literally anywhere in the state of Minnesota and consulting with us to resolve your overwhelming debt problem for good. Once our guests realize how nice we are, their level of anxiety falls like a rock. They know they are in good hands and there is a solution to their problem.

Knowing that you can and will get your life back is a joyous occasion! Don’t make the mistake so many of our guests have made by waiting too long to reach out to us- they always regret it. I always say- once you get on the other side of this- it’s such a beautiful thing. But, I am also not a blockhead, flowers bloom at different times.


The above 4 ways are all novel ways to reach out to us and pick our brains. But, it’s not the only way either. During business hours, you can go to our website at www.kainscott.com and text with our real-live intake specialist anytime. Our intake specialist’s name is Stephanie and she is a rock star! She also has a caretaker personality which is wonderful for our guests. She will treat you like family from the first contact onward.

Also, don’t forget our website has a host of bankruptcy resources articles, videos, and reviews to read. Take your time on our website and view as much content as you can- you will be glad you did. Many of our guests tell us our website is very warm and inviting.

Don’t forget- when you reach out to us, and have initial consultation the consult is free and there is no obligations either. Also, after the first consult, not only will you be armed with excellent information, you will have access to some of the most experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys in Minnesota, you will have the attorney’s personal e-mail address!

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