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      Filing Bankruptcy in Minneapolis-Refrain From Concealing Assets

      Posted by Col Ovik on November 21

      Bankruptcy is designed to give an honest debtor a fresh start. The fresh start is accomplished through the discharge, but a discharge is not a right, but a privilege. While the denial of a discharge is an extreme penalty, inappropriate conduct by a debtor can justify the denial of the discharge. 

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      Need to File Bankruptcy in Eagan, Minnesota? Avoid This…

      Posted by Wesley Scott on July 16

           If you are like a lot of people who live in or around Eagan, MN, you may find yourself needing to file bankruptcy. As of the date I am writing this blog, June 18, 2022, the economy is starting to crack, inflation is skyrocketing, business is slowing, and lay-offs are beginning. Many good people will find themselves needing to file bankruptcy. The humility of being alive. However, do a little research before you choose a bankruptcy law firm because you don’t want to end up with a lawyer who is stuck in a closet in virtual space with no support staff.

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      What Debts Aren’t Discharged in a Bankruptcy

      Posted by Charles Nguyen on March 24

      One of the most important parts of filing a bankruptcy is the ability to get rid, or discharge your debts.  

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      The Truth About Student Loan Debt and Bankruptcy

      Posted by Wesley Scott on November 20

      Student loan debt is what we have done to our children. The promise to the children is this: go to school, get a degree, and make more money and have a better life right? The price tag for this promise? Crippling student loan debt that can survive your death even. Like a gimmicky infomercial that promises some get-rich-quick scheme, colleges are infomercials on steroids. The price tag for an infomercial product or service may be 2-10k. The price tag for a college degree can easily exceed 100k. And who gets duped in the end and left holding the bag for this empty promise? You!

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      Fees to Consider When Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Duluth, MN

      Posted by Wesley Scott on October 30

      First of all, you should be proud of yourself for making the decision to get your life back. At Kain & Scott, we know this decision is not easy to make. But do you know what all of our former clients tell us? Their only regret is that they didn’t file sooner! So congratulations for making that decision, you will not regret it. Now how much are the fees to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Duluth, Minnesota? 

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      How to Understand Bankruptcy in Minnesota

      Posted by Wesley Scott on October 21

      I love it when I am looking to research a topic and I find the website that is the leading authority on it don’t you? If you need to research what is Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy, what the bankruptcy process is like in Minnesota, and what are the fees, you need to go to www.kainscott.com, Minnesota’s LARGEST Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy website. No cheesy gimmicks just quality information on what is a Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy, what is the process of Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy in Minnesota, and what are the fees.

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      Do My Credit Cards Get Closed When I File Bankruptcy In Brainerd?

      Posted by Misty Myers on May 16

      Many of us, when we are going through financial difficulties, have relied on credit cards to get us through.  We have “emergency credit cards.” We have the credit card to use in a pinch to get us through until the next pay check.  To think about not having that safety net is scary, right? So, for many of us, to think about filing bankruptcy, even if it means getting rid of the debt that haunts us, it also means the scary thought of losing that safety net.  What happens if I need money and I still have a week before my next pay check? What do I do? Does filing bankruptcy mean I lose all of my credit cards? What will be my back up plan? How long before I get another card? What will I do in the meantime?  These are all valid questions and these are things Kain & Scott can help you answer as we prepare you for bankruptcy

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      Can Bankruptcy Save My House?

      Posted by Misty Myers on March 29

      The home foreclosure “crisis” passed from the headlines a number of years ago. But many Minnesota families still struggle with this issue. Largely, that’s because the Gopher State has one of the fastest foreclosure timelines in the country. After just one missed payment, the bank could take your house in only a few months.

      Some people in this situation hire lawyers, go to court, and file restraining orders against the mortgage companies. That legal maneuver does not have a negative impact on a credit score. But in all but the most extreme cases, such as a fraudulent home inspection report, a restraining order only delays the inevitable, at best.

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      I Have a Judgment Lien on My home in Walker, MN

      Posted by Misty Myers on March 14

      Most of the time, it is a wonderful thing to have equity in your home.  There is a sense of pride in it and it can be considered an investment that will someday pay off.  Sometimes, though, the fact that you have equity in your home is like blood in shark infested water.  If you have an unsecured debt (such as a credit card) that went unpaid and a creditor received a judgment, that creditor could put a judgment lien on your home.  That means if you sell your home, that creditor could get a portion of the equity in your home. Is there any way to protect the equity in your home in Walker, Minnesota?  Do you have any options for getting rid of the debt and the lien? How do you fix this and get your life back?

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      Can Bankruptcy Protect You From A Lawsuit In Minnesota?

      Posted by William Kain on February 28

      Just like consumer bankruptcy can stop home foreclosure, wage garnishment, vehicle repossession, and most other types of adverse creditor action, bankruptcy can also stop lawsuits. Even if the trial is scheduled for tomorrow, bankruptcy can halt it.

      For many people, a creditor lawsuit is a remote, theoretical possibility. They know it can happen, but they do not believe it will ever happen to them. Suddenly, there’s an unfamiliar knock on the door at an unusual hour and someone, usually a Minnesota peace officer, delivers a summons.

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      Posted by William Kain on February 26

      It is so common in my practice to meet with clients who have been experiencing financial distress for a long time. The clients have been fighting to keep their financial heads above water for, it seems to them, forever.  I’ve told many people I meet in conference that my best clients are the people who have fought hard to stay out of a bankruptcy and resolve their financial issues informally with their creditors.

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      Posted by William Kain on February 21

      For the past six weeks we’ve taken a pretty “deep dive” into the nuts and bolts of bankruptcy. This week, I’ll try to wrap this up with a look at the function of the bankruptcy discharge - the “finish line” for bankruptcy. Again, the lens through which I will look at this issue is the twin policy goals of bankruptcy - to treat creditors fairly and to allow debtors to live with dignity.

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      Can Bankruptcy Be Filed On Medical Bills In Minnesota?

      Posted by William Kain on February 19

      Hundreds of your neighbors want to know the same thing, because medical bills are the leading cause of consumer bankruptcy in Minneapolis. For various reasons, these expenses have increased much faster than the cost of other goods and services, so the size of these bills catches many people off guard.

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      Protecting Your Privacy During a Minnesota Bankruptcy

      Posted by William Kain on February 9

      One of the main concerns our clients have about filing for bankruptcy in Minnesota is the protection of their privacy.

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      How Does Bankruptcy “Work” - Part 4

      Posted by William Kain on February 8

      For the last three weeks, I’ve written about the function of bankruptcy to serve the twin purposes Congress set out in passing bills that codified bankruptcy law into the Bankruptcy Code: treating creditors fairly and allowing debtors to live with dignity.  I’ve written about why the bankruptcy debtor has to list assets and liabilities accurately in her schedules, about the specific features of chapter 13, the benefits of the automatic stay in bankruptcy and the requirement that the bankruptcy debtor list all of her creditors in her bankruptcy paperwork.  This week, I’ll continue to look at how bankruptcy law and procedure seeks to meet the policy goals of Congress.

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      How Does Bankruptcy "Work" - Part 3

      Posted by William Kain on January 31

      In the last two weeks I’ve written about how bankruptcy "works" - the nuts and bolts of bankruptcy law so that the policy goals of bankruptcy law can be met. The two main underpinnings of bankruptcy are to treat creditors fairly and to allow debtors to live with dignity. My first blog dealt with the contents of the bankruptcy petition, schedules and statements - documents that must be filed in every bankruptcy case - and how the information contained in these documents further the policy goals of bankruptcy.

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