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Misty Myers

Misty Myers

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Do My Credit Cards Get Closed When I File Bankruptcy In Brainerd?

Posted by Misty Myers on May 16

Many of us, when we are going through financial difficulties, have relied on credit cards to get us through.  We have “emergency credit cards.” We have the credit card to use in a pinch to get us through until the next pay check.  To think about not having that safety net is scary, right? So, for many of us, to think about filing bankruptcy, even if it means getting rid of the debt that haunts us, it also means the scary thought of losing that safety net.  What happens if I need money and I still have a week before my next pay check? What do I do? Does filing bankruptcy mean I lose all of my credit cards? What will be my back up plan? How long before I get another card? What will I do in the meantime?  These are all valid questions and these are things Kain & Scott can help you answer as we prepare you for bankruptcy

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Can Bankruptcy Save My House?

Posted by Misty Myers on March 29

The home foreclosure “crisis” passed from the headlines a number of years ago. But many Minnesota families still struggle with this issue. Largely, that’s because the Gopher State has one of the fastest foreclosure timelines in the country. After just one missed payment, the bank could take your house in only a few months.

Some people in this situation hire lawyers, go to court, and file restraining orders against the mortgage companies. That legal maneuver does not have a negative impact on a credit score. But in all but the most extreme cases, such as a fraudulent home inspection report, a restraining order only delays the inevitable, at best.

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I Have a Judgment Lien on My home in Walker, MN

Posted by Misty Myers on March 14

Most of the time, it is a wonderful thing to have equity in your home.  There is a sense of pride in it and it can be considered an investment that will someday pay off.  Sometimes, though, the fact that you have equity in your home is like blood in shark infested water.  If you have an unsecured debt (such as a credit card) that went unpaid and a creditor received a judgment, that creditor could put a judgment lien on your home.  That means if you sell your home, that creditor could get a portion of the equity in your home. Is there any way to protect the equity in your home in Walker, Minnesota?  Do you have any options for getting rid of the debt and the lien? How do you fix this and get your life back?

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Can I File Bankruptcy For my Deceased Parent’s Home in Walker, MN?

Posted by Misty Myers on January 22

What happens when the unexpected happens? You are going along and unexpectedly (or perhaps it is expected), your parent passes away without a will, leaving their home to you as the beneficiary. You are now trying to juggle the mortgage payment on your parent’s home in an effort to keep the home in the family, in addition to another mortgage and your own debt. Pretty soon you realize that your parents were behind on their mortgage payments when they passed away and you get that dreaded foreclosure notice. You were barely making ends meet before and now you need to come up with additional money to save the house.

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How Bankruptcy Can Help With Your Utility Bills in Wadena

Posted by Misty Myers on December 18

If you are living in Wadena and you are thinking about debt and bankruptcy, you are probably thinking about credit cards, loans, mortgages, and things like that.  What you may not be thinking about are utility bills.  Yet, utility bills are often the bills that get juggled when we are living paycheck to paycheck.

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Mobile Home Repossession Laws in Minnesota

Posted by Misty Myers on December 12

Most of us been in a position where we have been living paycheck to paycheck and have to pick and choose whether to pay certain bills or put food on the table for our families.  Families should not have to go through this, but up until the point they come into my office, that is often the case.  Now, sometimes one of the bills that doesn’t get paid is the mortgage.  If you live in a home and the mortgage is secured by land, the home would go through the normal foreclosure process.  But what happens if you live in a mobile home and the mortgage is not secured by land, and instead you rent the lot?  The process is a little different.

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Will my Neighbors in Brainerd Find out About my Bankruptcy?

Posted by Misty Myers on December 1

I am a fairly private person.  I think it is natural for people to want to keep certain pieces of their lives private and this includes their financial affairs, whether they are having financial problems or not.  However, when people are having financial issues, they are probably a little more concerned with keeping it private.  It is a humbling thing to go through and people tend to not want to advertise it.  It is tough to be vulnerable and it is tough for us, as humans, to admit we are going through tough times.  I understand that.  It is interesting the stigma that is put on individuals who may be feeling some financial stress, yet look at the companies and banks that have been bailed out by the government.  I highly doubt those entities are losing sleep over being given a second chance; at being able to access a tool to help them out of their financial troubles.  You should not lose sleep over being given a second chance either.  But I know that before someone files bankruptcy, sometimes they are concerned with people finding out about their second chance.

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