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      This why Minnesotans choose LifeBack Law Firm for bankruptcy

      Posted by Wesley Scott on May 1

        Recently, I came across a set of circumstances that left me baffled. LifeBack Law Firm chose to represent bankruptcy clients where the clients had an original attorney of record who refused to complete their representation in bankruptcy. LifeBack Law would never leave a client stranded and left to their own devices. And yet, this original attorney of record did exactly that. She left the clients dangling even the though she is and still is the client’s original attorney of record.

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      Are You Looking for a Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me in Foley, Minnesota?

      Posted by Wesley Scott on February 16

      Just down the road from you is St. Cloud, MN where you will find Kain & Scott, Minnesota’s HIGHEST Google reviewed bankruptcy law firm. We can meet you in person or we can meet with you via phone, Skype, or even Zoom. If you find yourself a resident of Foley, Minnesota, or the surrounding area, and you are suffering with debt, Kain & Scott is nearby, and we can help you get your life back!

      Most people like to choose a bankruptcy professional that is not from their hometown for privacy reasons. I totally understand this as I like my privacy as well. Reaching out to Kain & Scott in nearby St. Cloud, Minnesota gives you the closeness you want, but yet the confidentiality you demand too. Over the years, Kain & Scott has helped numerous residents of Foley and the surrounding area get their lives back by smacking the reset button and moving on with your life.

      At Kain & Scott, we understand the courage it takes to reach out for help, and we honor that courage by having the most kind, helpful, professional staff that deliver the best customer service of any other bankruptcy law firm in the state of Minnesota. Want proof? Just read our Google reviews and see for yourself what our clients and former clients have to say about our level of service to our guests. You will read words like friendly, kind, helpful, professional, etc.

      By reading our Google reviews you don’t have to take our word for it, take the word from your own family and friends that have used Kain & Scott to get their lives back over the years too.

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      What is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Anyway?

      Posted by Wesley Scott on October 8

      The US Constitution gives Congress the power to make laws that pertain to filing bankruptcy. Congress has enacted the Bankruptcy Code to define what Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is and what are the rules that define it. Each year, across the country, hundreds of thousands of citizens use the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Code to get their lives back. 

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      When Chapter 7 is Not the Best Choice for You

      Posted by William Kain on January 29

      Deciding to file for bankruptcy is a big step - so big that it can perhaps feel like stepping off a cliff. However, you may be surprised to feel a sense of relief once you decide to move forward. After all, bankruptcy offers the opportunity to make a fresh start. Most people think of bankruptcy as a legal mechanism that wipes out your debt. In legal jargon, this is referred to as “Chapter 7” bankruptcy or “complete liquidation.” If you’re having difficulty paying your bills and have creditors aggressively seeking payment, the opportunity to make it all go away begins to sound very attractive. However, there are situations in which Chapter 7 bankruptcy may not be your best option.

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      6 Steps To Getting Your Life Back Through Bankruptcy in MN

      Posted by Erick Bohm on July 13

      When was the last time you sat down and asked yourself, “how did I get here”? Chances are you say this to yourself all the time, but, truly, when was the last time you sat down and forced yourself to answer the question? If you’re like most people, you don’t spend much time with self-reflection. Self-reflection is incredibly important so you can truly understand the situation you’re in, how you got there, and how to get you where you want to be.

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      Posted by Wesley Scott on February 15

      The world is noisy isn’t it? I think it is. It seems like so much of life is fleeting and superficial. I am not trying to drowned you in despair- at all. Heck, I think the quiet moments in life, those moments when you lean back and reflect on life’s events are the real crown jewels. At 47 years of age, I can tell you that the one thing I have learned about life is how humbling it really all is.

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      How To Overcome The Fear Of Speaking To A MN Bankruptcy Attorney

      Posted by Wesley Scott on September 26

      You are like me. I am high anxiety and have unrealistic fears about different things. Most of us would have a normal fear about speaking to a bankruptcy attorney about a debt problem. Why? We humans have a problem with losing, defeat, and not paying our bills right? It causes us to be embarrassed, feel defeated, and just generally really crappy inside.

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      How One MN Couple Got The Right MN Bankruptcy Attorney For Them

      Posted by Wesley Scott on August 25

      Life is so amazingly humbling. One minute you are feasting on life, good relationships, good money, and all seems like it is clear blue skies ahead. And then suddenly, the sky turns black, and your life seems to be on a never ending bumpy path filled with stressed relationships, debts, and heartache. It can happen fast. It usually does.

      For one Minnesota couple the journey was not that rosy from the start. We will keep their names confidential, of course, but it started out shortly after (fictional names) Greg and Lisa’s wedding over 22 years ago.

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      How MN Bankruptcy Attorneys Advise Facing Bankruptcy Before & After

      Posted by Wesley Scott on August 10

      There are many reasons someone might be considering Bankruptcy and at Kain & Scott our MN Bankruptcy Attorneys believe it is important to understand the causes and ways you can prevent these circumstances from impacting your life moving forward after Bankruptcy. Everyone is offered credit cards and department store cards, America has an extremely lucrative credit industry with several types of financing available for any individual. But not all lenders are invested in their customers. The lines of credit or loan options offered by some lenders are not always intended to aid the consumer but rather provide additional revenue to the lender through hidden fees and adjustable rates that were not disclosed to the customer.

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      The New Payday Loan Regulations MN Bankruptcy Attorneys Are Talking About

      Posted by Margaret Henehan on June 17

      Payday loans have been in the news over the last week and prevalent in conversation among the MN Bankruptcy Attorneys at Kain & Scott. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has come out with a proposal to target payday loan lenders that trap consumers in long term debt. Payday loans are short term, high interest loans usually for less than $500 dollars that are paid back with your next paycheck. As internet payday lending has expanded so have the interest rates and fees. I often work with clients who have gotten into the cycle of payday lending.

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      5 Benefits of Using a MN Bankruptcy Attorney

      Posted by Wesley Scott on December 8

      #1 – You’ve Got Someone in Your Corner

      Working with a MN bankruptcy lawyer is like adding a coach to your corner of the ring. Your lawyer will teach and guide you through finishing each round of the bankruptcy process – filing your petition, completing required courses, creditors meeting and final court date – and be your legal voice when creditors and court officials come knocking. 

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