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Conquoring The Quest For The Best Bankruptcy Lawyer in Roseville, MN

Posted by Wesley Scott on July 10

Has your family outgrown your current house? Is your car in need of major repairs? Have you been turned down for a new home, car, or other financing because of your credit? If you’re in debt, you’re not alone: as of 2016, the United States had $764 billion in credit card debt, $8.63 trillion in mortgage debt, and $1.16 trillion in auto loan debt. These staggering numbers show that the average American is drowning in debt.

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Roseville MN Bankruptcy Law Office Reviews & Horror Stories

Posted by Wesley Scott on November 28

I want to be very clear at the outset that what follows I do not like- at all. When I hear these stories it makes me very upset. When you feel overwhelmed with debt and all alone no one should be made to feel this way. The Bankruptcy Law Firm that you hire in Roseville should have your back, protect you, make you part of their team. I know this is a bit corny but I always envision my job as protecting the client like an injured bird and I am the mother hen watching out for them, protecting them, and rooting for them to succeed. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Here are some horror stories we have been told from clients that have had negative experiences when filing for bankruptcy protection.
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5 Major Components of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy In Roseville

Posted by Margaret Henehan on November 7

The decision to file bankruptcy can be a difficult one and after the process of reviewing your finances and goals you will need to determine which type of bankruptcy is right for you. While chapter 7 bankruptcy completely eliminates the majority of our debts it is not always the best option for all of us. Some of us may not be able to meet the requirements to file chapter 7 bankruptcy and in these instances Chapter 13 can be an extremely effective tool for recovering from financial difficulty and regaining control over debts and obligations. Our staff of experienced Roseville MN Bankruptcy Attorneys are able to determine which type of bankruptcy is right for you and it is important you are aware that you have options. We will be discussing the steps involved with a chapter 13 bankruptcy so that you may familiarize yourself with the process and consider if a chapter 13 bankruptcy makes sense for you and your future.

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Repairing Your Credit Following Filing Bankruptcy in Roseville

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 31

Once you have completed the process of Filing Bankruptcy in Roseville and have been granted your discharge you may be under the impression your work is done and for the most part this is true. However there still remains the important task of assuring your credit information is reported correctly and updated with credit reporting agencies. This is an essential component to beginning your renewed financial stability because most of us will eventually need new credit and financing following our bankruptcy discharge.

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Filing Chapter 7 With Our Roseville MN Bankruptcy Lawyers

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 26

Are you struggling with overwhelming debt? Has it become too difficult to manage? If so, these struggles have probably taken toll on the rest of your life as well. When dealing with a major debt problem it can be very difficult to stay happy and focused. Fortunately, if you’re dealing with overwhelming debt right now there are a few easy ways out that our Roseville MN Bankruptcy Lawyers can help you with. One of the easiest, available to all who qualify, is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. In this article we will discuss the key components of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy so that you can learn what to expect during the process and determine if Chapter 7 would be a good option for you.

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5 Reasons Why Bankruptcy In Roseville Is Better Than Debt Consolidation

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 17

So you live in Roseville MN and you had one of the 5 events happened to you which resulted in overwhelming debt: 1) business failure; 2) income drop; 3) divorce or relationship break up; 4) medical problems; 4) bad financial decisions (we have all made them). You are stressed out because you are falling behind and you can’t keep up. That uneasy feeling of slowly drowning in debt, suffocating, and you can’t seem to pull out of it. If you are a human being you will feel your tummy churning and just a depression hanging over your head. 

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A Look At Filing Chapter 13 With Our Roseville MN Bankruptcy Lawyers

Posted by Wesley Scott on October 12

In Roseville, the vast majority of us don’t think to seek help from the strain of an overwhelming debt problem until it has eroded away so many great aspects of our lives. We’ll forgo home and automotive expenses just so that we can buy food and clothing. This “rob Peter to pay Paul” financial black hole can be very easy to fall into and even more difficult to climb out of. Unfortunately, usually by the time you think to turn to a Roseville MN Bankruptcy Lawyer for help you’re already left with nothing. In these circumstances Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy would generally be advised but what if you would have looked to Bankruptcy for financial relief at the onset of your struggles?

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Why People Don't Regret Filing With Our Roseville MN Bankruptcy Lawyers

Posted by Margaret Henehan on August 9

I cannot stress enough that at Kain & Scott our Roseville MN Bankruptcy Lawyers have never had a client come back to and tell us that they regretted Filing Bankruptcy. No one at our firm in Roseville have ever heard that… from anyone. Filing Bankruptcy is an important decision. One that you will probably spend a good amount of time researching and thinking through carefully. However, even so... We've still never heard of anyone regretting their decision and here's why: 

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12 Debts Your Roseville MN Bankruptcy Lawyers Can't Discharge

Posted by Wesley Scott on August 8

I am sorry you are experiencing overwhelming debt of any kind. Having overwhelming debt is stressful on anyone. Many Roseville, MN residents, when faced with crippling debt rightly turn to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to get their lives back and solve the problem once and for all. The goal of any Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is to get your life back. Technically speaking, we are looking for your debts to be “discharged” under section 727 of the Bankruptcy Code. A discharge of the debts means your liability for those debts is gone and the creditor cannot collect on those debts ever again.

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Roseville MN Bankruptcy Attorney Reveals The Social Cost Of Debt

Posted by William Kain on June 13

In my last blog, Can I File Bankruptcy In MN And Keep My House Or Car, I discussed the social cost of debt - that is, what happens to our society as a whole when individuals find themselves in a financial position in which they cannot manage the debt they have incurred. I discussed the approaches people take when debt has gotten out of control. I discussed in detail the approach of essentially doing nothing to take the initiative to resolve the debt problem, and the cost to the individual who takes this approach and to society as a whole. At the end of the blog, I started to discuss the social cost of taking the most common approach to resolving difficult debt issues: increasing income and decreasing expenses to allow a more significant pay-down of debt out of a person’s monthly budget. 

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Can I File Bankruptcy In Roseville, MN and Keep My House or Car? (Part 3)

Posted by William Kain on May 17

At the end of the last blog, Can i keep my house or car if i file a Roseville MN Bankruptcy, I wrote that even if a client of mine owned a vehicle that he or she liked, with a payment that the client could afford and the car was a new enough model that it was possible that the lender would repossess the car unless the client signed a reaffirmation agreement, I would still advise the client not to do so. Why? In my analysis, it all comes down to worst-case scenarios. By definition, with my bankruptcy practice I am not dealing with lucky people. My clients are my clients because things have not worked out as planned for them financially, or some sudden unanticipated event has taken place to create financial strain. My clients at our Bankruptcy Law Firm in Roseville are used to having worst-case scenarios come true.

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How Does The Automatic Stay Affect My Divorce & Bankruptcy In Roseville MN

Posted by Wesley Scott on May 13

Imagine a world in which creditors could collect from debtors at will and without rules. It would be chaos, literally. Hypothetically speaking, if I know Pete owes me 10k and I know that Pete’s business is teetering on the brink of financial ruin, and there are no rules, what am I going to do? I tell you what I am going to do. I am going to secretly find out what assets Pete owns and then I am going to quickly assert control over those assets so I can get paid my 10k plus costs. I want to do this before any of Pete’s other creditors get wind of Pete’s financial condition and take his assets- before I can get paid. 

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Can I Keep My House Or Car After I File Bankruptcy in Roseville?

Posted by William Kain on May 2

One of the most common questions that potential clients ask their Bankruptcy Attorney when filing is what is the effect that bankruptcy has on continuing home and car ownership. It's understandable that people with debt problems are worried about retaining the place where they live and retaining the car or truck they drive. My typical response is to assure them. As long as you continue to make any loan payments associated with your home and/or your vehicles, you should be able to keep your home and your car. Now this is a good, sound, general statement. And it's true; but to be well informed clients need to know more about theinterplay between ownership of assets and bankruptcy.

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Roseville MN Bankruptcy & Divorce (3 Mistakes Lawyers Should Avoid)

Posted by Wesley Scott on April 12

Roseville MN Bankruptcy and MN Divorce Law find themselves intersecting all the time. It’s almost as if these two areas of law go hand and hand. Debt causes marital strife which leads to divorce. Divorce causes a loss of income to both parties, separate households and therefore separate expenses, and typically debt as a result of the investment in getting the divorce itself; lawyers, custody studies, child support, alimony, and many other expenses associated with getting a divorce. In a lot of cases this all leads to bankruptcy eventually. 

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How Do I Rebuild My Credit After My Roseville Bankruptcy Attorneys File Me?

Posted by William Kain on March 31

The truth is that Bankruptcy is a negative credit event. However, it’s not life threatening and there are ways to immediately start rebuilding your credit after you file with your Roseville Bankruptcy Attorneys. Especially after filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, also known as the “Fresh Start Bankruptcy”, allows you to press the re-set button and get all of your unsecured credit card, medical, department store card and some personal loan debt discharged in only four months! Now a lot of people assume that their life is over at this point, at least financially, but that’s not the case. There are a lot things that you can do to start rebuilding your credit to start getting those larger loans and mortgages again.

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What Are The Secrets To Hiring Roseville Bankruptcy Attorneys?

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 23

I am always struck by the amount of courage people have to face a problem. Oh sure, flowers bloom at different times, and we all open up in our own ways. I respect that. Once you make the decision to file a bankruptcy and get your life back, your work is not over. In fact, selecting a Roseville Bankruptcy Attorney to represent you is just as important as the decision to file a bankruptcy. Why? Because to me, you just made one of the most brave decisions in your life and now, you want the job done right, with dignity and yes, with grace too.

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Why Should I Hire Your Roseville Bankruptcy Attorneys?

Posted by Wesley Scott on February 8

Let’s face it. There are numerous articles written about how to file bankruptcy on the internet. You can literally type in a search phrase and with the click of a button you’ll have millions of pages to look at. But with such a vast amount of information, if you have no legal education or experience, where do you even start? How are you supposed to know what is true and correct and if the authors are trustworthy? This is one of the biggest problems with the free bankruptcy resources on the internet today. At first glance, filing bankruptcy without the assistance of the Roseville Bankruptcy Attorneys might look easy but the deeper you dig into bankruptcy law the more complex you’ll find it.

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