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      Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Minneapolis, MN? Watch out for these two things…..

      Posted by Wesley Scott on February 29

           If you are thinking about filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Minneapolis, MN, you need to watch out for these two things before choosing a bankruptcy law firm that is right for you.

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      2 things to watch out for when filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Minneapolis, MN

      Posted by Wesley Scott on February 26

           The prospect of filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be daunting. For those of us with high anxiety, it can push you to the far edge of your comfort zone, and beyond. Even for those with lower anxiety, the thought of filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, there are ways to make a bad situation worse. These are two things you should watch out for when filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Minneapolis, MN. 

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      Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Minneapolis, MN Improves Your Credit; Here Is Why

      Posted by Wesley Scott on November 22

      Suppose you live in Minneapolis, MN and you have 30k in credit card debt and 10k in medical debt.
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      Bankruptcy Filing Process in Minneapolis, Minnesota

      Posted by Amanda Scharber on November 18

      Filing bankruptcy in Minneapolis, Minnesota with LifeBack Law is a straight forward process. This is because we do not make clients fill out tons of worksheets, we pull your credit report for you, and we have a 90 day credit repair program after you receive your discharge.
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      Why Should You Hire An Attorney To File Your Bankruptcy?

      Posted by Amanda Scharber on May 18

       I was at a hearing just the other day where someone filed their chapter 7 bankruptcy case pro se, meaning they did not have attorney representation. Although, it is perfectly legal to file a case for yourself, typically it is not a good idea to do so. This is because bankruptcy law is vast and nuanced.

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      What Shouldn’t You Do Before Filing Bankruptcy?

      Posted by Amanda Scharber on March 1

      If you are planning on filing bankruptcy there are a few things you should try to avoid before your case is filed.

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      A Minnesota Bankruptcy is Worth the Wait

      Posted by Wesley Scott on November 6

      Some things you just want to be over and with and never have to think about again! A trip to the doctor’s for a colonoscopy, a Disney vacation with your in-laws and a toddler who just discovered they are terrified of mice, and filing for bankruptcy. All of these, I think we can agree, are situations that are better left in the rearview mirror. Maybe we have to do them, but let’s get them done and over with fast! Rip the bandage off!

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      Experience Maple Grove Minnesota's Largest Bankruptcy Website

      Posted by Wesley Scott on October 22

      When you are facing a serious debt problem, information is key right? You want to know how scary is this and how scary is the process. You also want information about bankruptcy delivered to you in a way you can understand it. Thankfully, the LARGEST Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy website in Maple Grove, MN is www.kainscott.com.

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      Does the Thought of Filing Bankruptcy in Minnesota Make You Sick?

      Posted by Wesley Scott on October 14

       At Kain & Scott, we understand how you feel. Our former guests felt the same way you do now. But what our former guests found is just the opposite. Getting their lives back was not only powerful but they regretted waiting so long before they filed bankruptcy, to begin with. 

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      How to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy When You Live in Rochester, MN

      Posted by Wesley Scott on October 9

      Do you have any idea how much courage it takes to reach out for help with solving an overwhelming debt problem? A lot!  That is why you should never let yourself be treated by any bankruptcy professional less than a rock star. Trust me, we have heard your complaints over the years. Rude lawyers and staff, unprofessional spaces, lawyers that fell asleep at the consult, you cannot believe some of the stuff we have heard.

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      How to Find the Best Lawyer Near You When Filing for Bankruptcy

      Posted by Wesley Scott on October 3

      We can help you. At Kain & Scott, we honor the courage it takes to reach out to us for help in solving an overwhelming debt problem for good. We honor the courage it takes to reach out to us for help in solving a debt problem by treating you with kindness, helpfulness, professionalism and exceptional customer service. Trust me, we have heard all the horror stories of really subpar service. We have had guests tell us the lawyer they met with fell asleep during their consult, that the lawyer wanted to meet with the clients in his home, and young lawyers who meet with clients in spaces at night that are not even owned by the law firm.

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      I Really Don't Want to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, but Should I?

      Posted by Wesley Scott on September 12

      When I was growing up, whenever I wished for something that was beyond my control, my mom would say, “if your aunt had nuts, she would be your uncle.” Sometimes, you simply cannot change the facts before you. If you have overwhelming debt, there is no snap of the finger that will make that fact change. And of course, we all hope for those windfalls that never come—you know the lottery winning that will make this all go away fast right?

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      The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process

      Posted by Wesley Scott on June 15

      Since the early 1800s, the Supreme Court has consistently held that bankruptcy is designed to give honest but unfortunate debtors a fresh start. Many notable individuals and businesses, from Henry Ford in the early 1900s to General Motors in the early 2000s, have used bankruptcy to get this fresh start. You can do the same thing.

      From start to finish, the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process usually takes a little less than a year. A lot of things happen in these nine or ten months. This post highlights some of the key points.

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      What Happens When You File Bankruptcy In MInnesota?

      Posted by Wesley Scott on May 23

      The 2005 bankruptcy reform act significantly changed parts of the pre-filing process. Supposedly, banks approached then-President George W. Bush about such a measure shortly after he took office in 2001. But because of the proposal’s harshness, he said he would not sign it until his second term. The 2005 law made a number of changes which were designed to make it harder to file Chapter 7. These changes are outlined below.

      Other parts of the pre-filing process are unchanged. That include the initial consultation with your Minnesota bankruptcy attorney. At Kain & Scott, we believe in very thorough consultations which review all your bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy debt relief options. An extensive consultation also helps clients understand what happens when they file bankruptcy. That is a tremendous advantage for everyone.

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      How To File Bankruptcy In Minnesota And Get It Done In 8 Easy Steps

      Posted by Margaret Henehan on June 24

      There comes a point when your debt is so deep that it feels like you just can’t stay above water anymore and bankruptcy might be the only way to stay afloat. However, accepting that you might need to File Bankruptcy for relief is only the first step. Once you’re ready to take advantage of the many benefits Bankruptcy has to offer, next it’ll be in your best interest to take some time to learn the basics of Bankruptcy, it's process and how to file. The process is fairly simple but just like any other legal process it’s very important that your case is handled properly. Here’s how to File Bankruptcy in Minnesota.

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