Why Should You Hire An Attorney To File Your Bankruptcy?

Posted by Amanda Scharber on May 18, 2022 at 7:30 AM
Amanda Scharber

 shutterstock_2000994920I was at a hearing just the other day where someone filed their chapter 7 bankruptcy case pro se, meaning they did not have attorney representation. Although, it is perfectly legal to file a case for yourself, typically it is not a good idea to do so. This is because bankruptcy law is vast and nuanced.


For example, did you know when you file a bankruptcy you have to list every asset you own? You do. You have to list everything, even if it is a junk broken-down car sitting in the middle of your backyard. When you hire a bankruptcy attorney they represent you through the core proceedings of the case, including drafting the case and making sure you list the required information.

You should not only hire an attorney because they can help you properly fill out the bankruptcy schedules, but also because they will represent you at the core bankruptcy hearings. The 341 hearing is typically the only hearing you will attend, but your attorney is there with you looking out for your best interest. If you file pro se, you would not have an attorney with you at this hearing.

Finally, although there are costs with hiring an attorney, think about this, your attorney is in your corner and they are looking out for your best interest. Making sure you have filed the correct information, listed all of your assets, all of your creditors, letting you know of any risks involved, and representing you at all core proceedings of the case.



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