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      Bankruptcy Act of 1867

      Posted by Wesley Scott on July 28

      In the last two posts we discussed the Bankruptcy Act of 1800 and the Bankruptcy Act of 1841 respectively so we, perhaps unsurprisingly, now turn to the next policy: the Bankruptcy Act of 1867. It is worth noting that this policy and the previous two were all responses to poor economic conditions and were unintentionally temporary. In the wake of the 1857 financial crisis and the Civil War, debtors and creditors alike were in need of options for remedy. This new incarnation signaled a change in reasoning in bankruptcy policy which was slightly more beneficial to debtors. 

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      Filing Bankruptcy in Minnesota? Watch Out for These 2 Things

      Posted by Wesley Scott on June 28

       Filing bankruptcy takes courage. In fact, it takes a lot of courage. Once you have summoned the courage to reach out for help, the last thing you want to deal with is rude and self-centered lawyers and staff. You know the kind I am talking about—the kind that think they are self-important and tell you all their stories but don’t want to listen to your story. 

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      Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me in Maple Grove, MN

      Posted by Wesley Scott on May 17

         I like to think of LifeBack Law Firm as an oasis away from the cruelty of the world we live in. Too many people use cruelty and insecurity to hurt other people. It is really sad. When you have a debt problem the last thing you want is for law firm staff to be rude, condescending, or just mean. Unfortunately, we hear all the stories along these lines from clients who first went to another law firm to file bankruptcy only to find out, the lawyer and staff are rude.

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      Life After Bankruptcy and the Promotion of Human Dignity

      Posted by Wesley Scott on May 15

      Recently, I spoke to a woman who told me she is a client of LifeBack Law Firm. She said she came to us after she spoke to another person and ended up doing some work for the firm herself. She said when she came into one of our office locations she knew she would be ok asking for help with bankruptcy. She knew she was in a safe, non-judgmental place. As a lawyer myself, I find these words from someone like her to be precious. No one feels good about having to file bankruptcy. But what people really don’t want is to work with someone who is unprofessional and judgmental.

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      Never Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer Who Hangs the Phone up on You

      Posted by Wesley Scott on May 11

          Recently, I spoke to potential client who told me a story about a Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer who hung the phone up on him after the lawyer discovered the potential client wanted to retain LifeBack Law Firm instead of this other lawyer.

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      Bankruptcy Terms

      Posted by Charles Nguyen on May 6

      Previously, I wrote about different individuals you’ll come across in your bankruptcy.  Here, I want to discuss and provide common terms you’ll come across as well.

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      This why Minnesotans choose LifeBack Law Firm for bankruptcy

      Posted by Wesley Scott on May 1

        Recently, I came across a set of circumstances that left me baffled. LifeBack Law Firm chose to represent bankruptcy clients where the clients had an original attorney of record who refused to complete their representation in bankruptcy. LifeBack Law would never leave a client stranded and left to their own devices. And yet, this original attorney of record did exactly that. She left the clients dangling even the though she is and still is the client’s original attorney of record.

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      Don’t hire any bankruptcy law firm where the bankruptcy attorney answers the phone

      Posted by Wesley Scott on April 17

       I am not against any lawyer opening up a new law office or starting out from scratch. But, I am not a huge fan of having the lawyer start out on me, that’s all. There is something “unprofessional” about a bankruptcy lawyer answering his/her own phone with home noises in the background like dogs or cats or other household things. It just doesn’t feel professional at all. If I were the client, I would want a team of professionals helping me, not a lawyer answering his/her own phone.

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      How are Social Security Benefits Treated in Bankruptcy?

      Posted by Wesley Scott on February 23

      Many people depend on social security payments to be able to afford their basic needed living expenses. The Social Security Act of 1935, while originally intended to serve a financial safety net for those who needed temporary economic assistance, has become generally accepted as something that most seniors will depend upon after they retire.  This recognized dependence upon social security benefits by so many of our seniors is the reason why such benefits are given special protection under the law. 

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      Tax Debt and a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

      Posted by Charles Nguyen on February 18

      Typically, you can’t get rid of tax debt in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  But, if you can afford the payments, then a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a great tool to help you with this type of debt.  This is because you’re allowed to pay your tax debt through a Chapter 13 repayment plan, which lasts 3 or 5 years.  Even if your tax debt is considerably large, filing a Chapter 13 may still make financial sense, since you’re not incurring interest and penalties during your bankruptcy.  Plus, you’re not paying back your credit credits, unsecured loans, and medical bills, and those debts will go away once you’re finished with your Chapter 13 plan! 

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