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      Interesting Facts About Bankruptcy in Minneapolis, Minnesota

      Posted by Amanda Scharber on January 12

      Bankruptcy is full of fun and interesting facts. This blog will explore a few. 

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      The Benefits of Bankruptcy in Minneapolis, Minnesota

      Posted by Amanda Scharber on September 6

      Filing a bankruptcy case may seem scary at first, but there are many benefits to keep in mind, if it is the route you take for your financial situation. 

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      Filing Bankruptcy in Minneapolis-Refrain From Concealing Assets

      Posted by Col Ovik on November 21

      Bankruptcy is designed to give an honest debtor a fresh start. The fresh start is accomplished through the discharge, but a discharge is not a right, but a privilege. While the denial of a discharge is an extreme penalty, inappropriate conduct by a debtor can justify the denial of the discharge. 

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      2022 Update to Federal Bankruptcy Code Property Exemptions

      Posted by Wesley Scott on September 2

      People who file a bankruptcy case in Minnesota have the option of choosing the exemptions specifically provided by the Federal Bankruptcy Code (commonly referred to as the “Federal exemptions”), or any other applicable Minnesota State or Federal laws (aka “State exemptions”), to protect their property from creditors.

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