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      Can Minnesota Bankruptcy Stop Wage Garnishment and Get My Money Back?

      Posted by Tim Tonga on September 29

      A creditor who sues a person and gets a court judgement against them can collect the money that the person owes the creditor through a garnishment of the person’s wages. To do so, the creditor can serve a summons on the person’s employer directing them to withhold their wages to be paid to the creditor.

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      How Does Wage Garnishment Work in Minnesota?

      Posted by Jesse Horoshak on April 10

      Wage Garnishment is one of the most pressing concerns for a great deal of our potential clients. They want to know if creditors can garnish their wages, and if so, when it can happen and how much can they take.

      Unfortunately, the answer to the first question is yes, under Minnesota state law, the creditors have the right to levy on any available non-exempt property, and that includes a portion of your wages.

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      Does Bankruptcy Stop Wage Garnishment?

      Posted by William Kain on March 30

      Wage garnishment is a very serious matter because so many Minnesotans live paycheck-to-paycheck. About half of Minneapolis families cannot pay a $400 emergency expense. The really bad news is that this figure is actually lower than it was a few years ago! As outlined below, Minnesota has very aggressive wage garnishment laws. As a result, after just one or two missed payments, many people are caught in a financial vice.

      Just like it does in home foreclosure and many other situations, bankruptcy gives families both short-term and long-term solutions to wage garnishment issues. In this way, families really do get the fresh financial start which they deserve and the Bankruptcy Code guarantees.

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      How Does Wage Garnishment Work in Maple Grove, Minnesota?

      Posted by Wesley Scott on December 6

      Wage garnishment is often one of the most pressing concerns for our potential clients in Maple Grove, Minnesota. They want to know if creditors can garnish their wages, and if so, when it will happen and how much they can take. Unfortunately, under Minnesota state law, creditors can garnish your wages because creditors have the right to seize any available non-exempt property, and that includes a portion of your wages. But there are things you can do to prevent or stop wage garnishments, and we will discuss the collection process and how you can stop it below.

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      How Bankruptcy Can Stop Wage Garnishment In MInnesota

      Posted by William Kain on June 12

      When your debt goes unpaid for an extended period of time, creditors begin to take severe action to get their money from you. Depending on the nature of your debt, creditors may initiate foreclosure, repossession, bank levies or wage garnishment. Foreclosure and repossession are reserved for secured debt, meaning creditors can take back the property you secured against your loan. A bank levy, also referred to as non-wage garnishment, occurs when your bank account is frozen due to a creditor seeking payment from you. This and wage garnishment are common tactics used to collect on unsecured debt, such as credit card debt.

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      Everything You Need to Know about Bankruptcy and Back Taxes

      Posted by William Kain on April 3

      Some people are faced with taxes that they cannot pay because of a lost job or the loss of a spouse’s income. Others may have increased the number of exemptions they claimed during the recession so they could put more money into their pockets each pay period and they are now facing huge tax bills. Whatever the reason may be for owing back taxes, bankruptcy may have the solution for your tax problems. Most personal taxes are not eligible for a discharge through bankruptcy; however, there are exceptions to the general rule. Plus, filing bankruptcy can help you with your back taxes in other ways.

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