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      Some Things To Know About ‘Gray Bankruptcy’ In Minnesota

      Posted by William Kain on June 30

      Most people see bankruptcy as a last resort. Typically, that strategy is a sound one. It’s usually best to try to work things out with moneylenders before choosing a more radical path.

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      Will A Minnesota Bankruptcy Affect My Security Clearance?

      Posted by William Kain on June 26

      This question presses upon the thousands of people who either serve at one of the National Guard bases in Minnesota or work for a firm which supports these men and women. In many cases, if a person loses a security clearance, the person also loses that job. Such a situation clearly makes the family’s financial situation worse instead of better.

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      How To Find The Best Bankruptcy Lawyers In Edina, MN

      Posted by Kelsey Quarberg on August 29

      If you're struggling with overwhelming debt there's no better time than now to start searching for an Edina Bankruptcy Lawyer to help you get the debt relief you need and deserve through bankruptcy. 

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      5 Things To Avoid When Hiring A Bankruptcy Lawyer in Minnesota

      Posted by Wesley Scott on August 4

      When a Minnesota resident is looking into Bankruptcy, you have a wide variety of choices amongst lawyers and bankruptcy preparer vendors. The spectrum of services provided range dramatically. Remember only Lawyers can dispense legal advice. So calling the paralegal service on a park bench is probably not the best move. They cannot give you ANY legal advice. Why? They are not lawyers. If they do give you legal advice without a law license, they are committing a crime- the unauthorized practice of law.

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      Get Debt Free With Brooklyn Park, Minnesota's Nicest Bankruptcy Law Firm

      Posted by Erick Bohm on July 2

      Are you ready to seize your financial independence from debt in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, this Fourth of July?
      Independence Day is here and, in addition to fireworks, cookouts, and family, the holiday has many Americans considering the true meaning of independence. Sure, you may have your own house, car, job, and lifestyle, but are you really independent? Or are you shackled by the weight of outstanding debt?

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      The Difference Between An Average And Great Bankruptcy Lawyer in Plymouth, MN

      Posted by William Kain on June 6

      If you’re filing for bankruptcy in Plymouth, Minnesota, you’ve probably imagined how much better life will be once your debts are erased. You’ll have a comfortable home, nice car and a little money in the bank. Best of all, you can relax knowing that you are completely debt-free and have a fresh start to begin rebuilding your life.

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      The Values Behind Kain & Scott - Minnesota's Oldest Bankruptcy Law Firm

      Posted by Wesley Scott on April 6

      Have you ever wondered about which law firm is Minnesota oldest bankruptcy law firm? Ok, probably not! But, if you are looking to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Minnesota, age matters. Why? There is a reason why they call it the “practice” of law right? Will a law firm that started in 1995 have more experience or a law firm that started in 1972?

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