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      How to Search for a Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me in Maple Grove, MN

      Posted by Wesley Scott on January 1

      People suffering with debt search for a bankruptcy lawyer near me because they want their lawyer to be their rock during their difficult period of life. People who are suffering with debt want empathy and compassion, not coldness and rudeness. That is exactly why residents in and around Maple Grove who are suffering with debt search Google and other search engines for phrases like “bankruptcy lawyer near me in Maple Grove, MN”. 

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      Do I Need to File Business Bankruptcy in Minneapolis?

      Posted by Jesse Horoshak on January 7

      One of the five most common reasons that individuals living in Minneapolis might choose to file bankruptcy is as the result of a failed, or failing, business. Given the state of the economy over the past several years, many small business owners are struggling to continue to operate their businesses. Many of those business owners then begin to wonder what their options are regarding their financial struggles. One common question is whether a “business bankruptcy” is a good option.

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      What Are The Consumer Bankruptcy Options in Maple Grove MN?

      Posted by Margaret Henehan on May 6

      When you are thinking about filing a bankruptcy, consumers have two choices. To file a chapter 7 bankruptcy or a chapter 13 bankruptcy. There are other types of bankruptcies that you might hear about in the news, such as the bankruptcies Donald Trump has filed. Trump filed bankruptcy on his businesses and not on his personal debt. He filed a chapter 11 bankruptcy, a bankruptcy that is done to deal with business debt. For this, we will stick to discussing chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy. 

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      How do Death & Taxes Affect My Maple Grove MN Bankruptcy? (Part 2)

      Posted by William Kain on April 21

      I wrote in an earlier blog, Death, Taxes & Maple Grove MN Bankruptcy, that under certain circumstances, an individual who has tax liabilities can sometimes have these tax liabilities discharged in a bankruptcy case. I noted, though, that discharge is available only in very specific circumstances: the tax owed must be income tax, the tax liability must be “old” and returns must have been filed in a timely fashion. While some people who have tax problems meet these criteria, most of my clients do not. So the tax problem that they have is not going to disappear simply by filing a bankruptcy case. So what can we do about tax liability that isn’t discharged in a bankruptcy case?

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      How Do Death & Taxes Affect My Maple Grove MN Bankruptcy?

      Posted by William Kain on April 14

      Benjamin Franklin famously wrote “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” And death and taxes can add layers of complications to debt problems - and create issues for a person who is thinking about filing a bankruptcy case. Let’s take a closer look at the only two certainties in life.

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      Do I Really Need My Maple Grove MN Bankruptcy Attorneys To File?

      Posted by William Kain on April 11

      If you’re an individual in Minnesota, then technically you don’t need an attorney to file bankruptcy. The constitution of the United States allows anyone to file bankruptcy on their own. This is also known as a “pro se” filing. However, you have to file several forms and schedules with the bankruptcy court so if you choose this route, you need to be very, very careful. The consequences of filing improperly are severe. You could be taking a chance at losing your car, your house or your retirement account. You have to know what you’re doing and that’s why hiring your Maple Grove Bankruptcy Attorneys at Kain & Scott is desirable.

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      How Hard Can it Be to File w/o My Maple Grove MN Bankruptcy Attorneys?

      Posted by Margaret Henehan on April 8

      Do i really need my Maple Grove MN Bankruptcy Attorneys? As someone who used to work with low income clients at a non-profit, I came across this question a lot. With the rise of "do it yourself legal”, online more and more people think about this question when they are looking to get divorced, write a will and even file bankruptcy. When someone chooses to go forward without hiring an attorney, they are called “pro se.” However, bankruptcy is different from other areas of law in a lot of respects, it has its own court system and its own set of laws. This makes even attorneys that practice in other areas of law leery of stepping foot into bankruptcy court. 

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      How Can The Bankruptcy Attorneys At LIFE BACK LAW Protect Me?

      Posted by Wesley Scott on March 30

      The Bankruptcy Attorneys in Maple Grove, MN and I spend our workdays meeting with people who are facing significant debt problems. The problems have reached the point where the people I meet with can’t handle their debt. They are in default, in foreclosure, in suit, in garnishment, in levy. They are in trouble. My clients come to me with a range of emotions. But almost all of them share one emotion: they are embarrassed to be here in a difficult financial situation. The stress of the debt they have is part of the feeling they have. But there’s more to this bad feeling than that.

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      What Are The Top 5 Reasons Minnesotan's Meet With Your Maple Grove Bankruptcy Attorneys?

      Posted by Wesley Scott on February 25

      Suffering from overwhelming debt is crushing and draining physically and mentally. When the weight of debt is upon your shoulders you may feel like you are the only one experiencing overwhelming debt. Trust us, you are not alone. Life can be very humbling. Have you ever gone to a medical clinic for an infection? Maybe the infection was in an embarrassing location on your body? I doubt highly the medical professionals find your infection or it’s location interesting at all. In fact, their job is to hear about your problem, see the problem, diagnose the problem, and then solve the problem. This is what to expect when you file wIth our maple grove bankruptcy attorneys.

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      What Can I Expect When I File With The Maple Grove Bankruptcy Attorneys?

      Posted by Wesley Scott on February 2

      Imagine… you’ve fast forwarded your life a few days and you no longer have any those pesty creditors or debt collectors calling, writing and harassing you demanding payments. All collection activity, including lawsuits, wage garnishments, levies, foreclosures and repossessions has stopped. A few months later, by law, you are legally debt-free! All of your department store cards, credit cards, utility bills, medical bills and unsecured loans have been discharged and life is good! Most people in a serious financial pinch, struggling and stressing about overwhelming debt, would give anything for this. Fortunately, this is what you can expect from the Maple Grove Bankruptcy Attorneys at Kain & Scott. And there's more:

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      A Maple Grove, Minnesota Bankruptcy Story: I Have My Financial & Physical Health Back!

      Posted by Wesley Scott on October 27

      Time has a way of flying by before you realize it. That’s what happened to me. I thought I had my entire life ahead of me but before I realized it, it was almost time to retire. I had enjoyed a good life and I was looking forward to enjoying my retirement with my family, until I received the news that no one wants to hear — “you have cancer.” Those first few weeks were spent in doctors’ offices discussing treatment options and attorneys’ offices preparing for the worst-case scenario. I fought cancer and I won! I have been in remission now for five years; however, the fight was very long and very costly.

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      Do Your Maple Grove Bankruptcy Attorneys Really Have Over 47 Years of Experience?

      Posted by Wesley Scott on May 19

      Maple Grove, MN was founded in 1858 and is located in Hennepin County with an estimated population of 68,119. It is a vibrant part of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area with many retail, dining, cultural, and entertainment options.  The city is also home to research, development, and manufacturing facilities. With a median household income of $92,188 and a strong commercial presence, the city is attractive for anyone looking for a stable economy and ample job availability.

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