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      Student Loan Debt and Bankruptcy in Minneapolis

      Posted by Col Ovik on November 19

      The student loan debt crisis in America has been a growing issue for years, but recently those suffering from student loan debt received a big win. President Biden announced a forgiveness of some student loan debt for eligible borrowers. Although, for many Americans the amount of the forgiven debt will be just a drop in the bucket in relation to the overall amount of their student loan debt. But what or who can help a struggling debtor with the remaining student loan debt? Can it be discharged in a bankruptcy? 

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      Receiving a Bankruptcy Discharge in St. Paul, MN

      Posted by Danielle Lin on November 12

          A bankruptcy discharge provides the debtor with a fresh start. It is a court order that releases a debtor from personal liability for certain types of debts that were incurred pre-bankruptcy or pre-petition. Once a bankruptcy discharge issued, the debtor is absolved of any obligation to repay their debts. The bankruptcy discharge voids personal liability on judgments and acts as a permanent injunction against any act to collect a discharged debt as a personal liability of the debtor. The bankruptcy discharge applies only to debts.

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