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      Are You Over Withholding on Your Paychecks in MN?

      Posted by Jesse Horoshak on September 3

      If you are one of the millions of Americans that are unable to meet their monthly debt obligations, but are having trouble figuring out why, it may be because you are withholding too much from your paychecks for income tax.

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      How to Reach Short Term Financial Goals After Bankruptcy

      Posted by Wesley Scott on July 7

      If you have filed bankruptcy, you have taken the first step toward recovering and rebuilding your finances. Bankruptcy gives you a fresh start, and one of the best ways to regain strong financial health is to set short term financial goals.

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      What Happens After Bankruptcy: Quotes to Guide Your Future

      Posted by Wesley Scott on September 2

      Many of our clients wonder what happens after bankruptcy. The good news is, it is not that complicated. After your bankruptcy case has ended, you simply go on with your life. You live your life as you see fit. There is no one looking over your shoulder to scold you about purchasing a new pair of shoes or taking a family vacation. Creditors and debt collectors are not permitted to pick up where they left off and begin harassing you about debts that were discharged in your bankruptcy. In most cases, no one will ever know that you filed a bankruptcy case unless you tell them, they were directly involved with your bankruptcy case or you give them permission to access your credit report. In other words, what happens after bankruptcy is up to you.

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      Make a New Year's Resolution to Reach Your Financial Goals

      Posted by Wesley Scott on January 1

      The new year is a time for new beginnings, and if you haven’t already done so, it is time to make your New Year's resolutions for 2016. If you are living with overwhelming debt, this year’s resolution should be easy to determine – take control of your finances and improve your financial well-being in 2016. To make your New Year’s resolution easier to attain, we’ve compiled a list of several tools you can use to reach your goal.

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      Life After Bankruptcy: How to Prevent Yourself From Getting Back Into Debt

      Posted by William Kain on July 2

      Congratulations!  You have completed your bankruptcy case. You have taken the first step in improving your financial well-being for you and for your family.  Most debtors feel an overwhelming sense of relief when they complete their bankruptcy case.  They are free from the fear of losing their property, the anxiety of dealing with creditors and debt collectors, and the sense of hopelessness of never being able to climb out of debt. While you may be a little nervous about spending money, it is also a wonderful feeling to know that you can now afford the necessities your family needs. You can now focus on your life after bankruptcy rather than worrying about how you will pay your debts.

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      5 Ways You Can Get Out of Debt

      Posted by William Kain on May 6

      Getting out of debt is a great feeling. Many of us want to get out of debt but we do not know exactly where to begin. Having a plan to get out of debt is the first step. When you have a plan and specific goals, it helps you  focus on the steps that you must take to achieve your financial goals. Below are several ways you can improve your financial well-being by taking control of your finances to get out of debt.

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      How to Start a Household Budget After Bankruptcy

      Posted by William Kain on November 13

      In some instances, overwhelming debt develops when consumers are unaware of how much they are spending. Other common reasons include job loss or health problems that drastically reduce available funds. Whatever the reason, when debt starts to consume your life, bankruptcy can provide a fresh start and a clean slate to begin rebuilding your finances. People oftentimes become overwhelmed with debt due to unexpected medical problems, divorce and other life events. One way to become more aware of your finances and prepared for unplanned events is by starting a household budget.

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      The Most Important Tip to Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

      Posted by Wesley Scott on June 17

      In my opinion, the single most important tip to rebuild credit after bankruptcy is to not be afraid of credit. One of the biggest mistakes people make is completely avoiding credit after they file bankruptcy. Although avoidance is likely done with good reason, it won’t help rebuild your credit.

      Filing a bankruptcy case is an emotional process that most people never want to repeat during their lifetime. However, it is also a process that allows individuals who are suffering from debt problems to receive the help they need to recover from a terrible financial crisis. Taking on credit again after filing a bankruptcy can be scary because credit probably played a role in your decision to file bankruptcy in the first place.

      Jane’s Experience with No Credit, Post-Bankruptcy

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      We Don't Stop at Debt Elimination - Going Beyond Bankruptcy

      Posted by William Kain on May 15

      Quality bankruptcy lawyers do more than eliminate your debts - they aim to treat the cause. They devote their time and attention to answering your questions about bankruptcy, providing support, guiding you through each step of bankruptcy and preparing you for life after bankruptcy. Unlike many law firms that try to split their time between several areas of law, we focus 100% on bankruptcy. Because we focus our practice solely on bankruptcy matters, we go beyond helping our clients with debt elimination – we offer counsel on how to have a stronger financial future once you receive your bankruptcy discharge.

      What are the Five Top Reasons for Filing Bankruptcy?

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      Get Your Life Back with the Help and Support of Bankruptcy Attorneys

      Posted by Wesley Scott on May 13

      If you assume that the role of bankruptcy attorneys is simply to provide legal advice, you are incorrect. They are there to help you overcome the feelings of grief, shame and fear that are often associated with debt problems. As bankruptcy attorneys in St. Cloud, MN, we see hundreds of debtors each month – we want you to know that you are not alone in your struggles. Many of the perceptions associated with filing bankruptcy are false; however, our attorneys understand that the emotional aspect that accompanies a monetary crisis is real.

      How Can Bankruptcy Attorneys Help Me Get My Life Back?

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      7 Money Management Tips When Drastic Lifestyle Changes Occur

      Posted by William Kain on April 29

      All of us are subject to drastic lifestyle changes that can have a negative impact on our finances, making it difficult to pay bills. It could be loss of income due to unemployment or reduced hours, a divorce, loss of a spouse, business failure or prolonged illness or medical emergency. The fact is that we never know when we might find ourselves facing a financial crisis due to a lifestyle change.

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      Seven Budgeting Tips for Life After Bankruptcy

      Posted by Wesley Scott on March 11

      Congratulations, you have successfully completed your bankruptcy and you are ready to take your first steps on the road to rebuilding your finances. A very important element of any sound financial plan is budgeting. Some people believe that budgeting is too difficult or that budgeting is only a way of denying yourself what you truly want. On the contrary, budgeting makes it possible for you to achieve the things you want by helping you manage your money. Budgeting can also help you save more money by revealing any issues or incongruences between your income and your expenses.

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      When Life After Bankruptcy Starts, Start and Stick to a Budget

      Posted by William Kain on February 20

      Many clients ask what life after bankruptcy will be like and how long it will take to recover from filing a bankruptcy. For most, life after bankruptcy is much less stressful. You will be filled with an overwhelming sense of relief as bill collectors stop calling, creditors stop breathing down your neck and you can finally see hope for your future, free from the burden of debt. You’ll get to feel optimistic about your future again, happy that you can start fresh and begin to recover and rebuild. No matter what emotions are felt after a bankruptcy is complete, there is one common thread that weaves itself through life after bankruptcy -- the ability to learn from past financial mistakes.

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