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Posted by Col Ovik on November 15, 2021 at 6:00 AM
Col Ovik

What Happens to My Co-signor When I File Bankruptcy MNYesterday, after I work, I exited the building and started my walk home, like I do every day. But, as I was leaving, I saw a young lady in distress sitting in the corner of the parking ramp. I did not immediately approach her. Part of me was thinking: do not get involved or she was being dramatic or was it even safe for me to approach her.

Ultimately, I decided to stop. I do not think I could have slept that night thinking about that young woman in the parking lot crying and me just leaving her there. When I got nearer to her, I recognized her. I saw her most mornings on my way into the building. She would ride her bike to work and lock it up in the parking lot. When I was within earshot, I asked her, “Are you okay, do you need me to call someone?” And she looked up at me, still sobbing and said, “Someone has stolen my bike”. I asked if she needed a ride or if she needed help contacting the police and she declined. But she did stop crying and assured me she was okay.

The point is, I did not do anything for her. I did not help her in any way. I simply inquired about her well-being and offered my help sincerely. But I saw the relief in her eyes that maybe the world was not all awful. Yes, an awful thing happened. Feelings were hurt. And it makes you wonder about the world-is everyone out to get you? Maybe I am being dramatic, but when something like this happens, it does hurt. And I know when I have been there it makes me feel better to think that someone else cares. Perhaps, it helps you to not feel so alone or validates the feeling that you have the right to be upset. Yes, it was just a bike. But it was your bike-something that you loved.


Sometimes in life bad things will happen. Some worse than a stolen bike and some not so bad, but it always helps to know other people care. If you're considering Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, contact the attorneys at LifeBackLaw and visit our website at www.LifeBackLaw.com.



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