Will I Lose My Car If I File Bankruptcy in Eagan, MN?

Posted by Wesley Scott on December 16, 2020 at 3:05 PM
Wesley Scott

A smiling woman wearing a hat and red sunglasses leaning out of a car's driver's seat window asks the question, Will I lose my car if I file bankruptcy in Eagan, MN?Many Eagan, Minnesota residents want to know, can I lose my car if I file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? This question really is a two-part question. First, can you lose your car if you file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy when you are in an agreement with an auto lender? Second, can you lose your car in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy as a decision by your Chapter 7 trustee?

In the situation between you and the auto lender, the bank’s security interest on the vehicle survives the bankruptcy case. For example, you cannot file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and get a free vehicle from the auto lender. If that were the case, every single debtor would borrow money to purchase a Maserati and then file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy! No bank would ever lend money to purchase a vehicle if you could turn around and file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and get it for free. So, if you file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you will want to maintain current payments on your vehicle loan if you want any chance of keeping the vehicle. This doesn’t change before or after you file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

In the situation between you and the trustee, the question is different. There are vehicle exemptions available to protect the “equity” you have in the vehicle from being taken by a trustee for the benefit of your creditors. Most debtors do not lose the equity in their vehicles to a Chapter 7 trustee because debtors are able to exempt all of the equity in the vehicle, if there is any. If you owe 10k on a vehicle worth 10k there is no equity to lose.


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