Who Receives Notice You Filed Bankruptcy in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Posted by Amanda Scharber on May 25, 2024 at 5:30 AM
Amanda Scharber

shutterstock_1207103650Various parties will receive notice of your case filing, directly from the court, your attorney, a creditor, or a combination. The creditor or party’s interest in your case, will determine who receives notice you filed bankruptcy. 

Your creditors will receive notice of filing. This includes secured creditors, unsecured creditors, and priority debt (like taxes or domestic support obligations). Even if you do not owe tax debt, the IRS and Minnesota Department of Revenue will receive notice you filed for bankruptcy. On the same note, if you intend to keep paying your secured creditors, like a mortgage or vehicle loan, they will still need to receive notice you filed bankruptcy. Unfortunately, you cannot pick and choose who receives notice you filed bankruptcy, when you file, you list all of your creditors and they all receive notice. 

Your co-debtors will receive notice of filing. When you file bankruptcy, you list anyone who has co-signed debt with you. When you list this person in your case, they will receive your court notices throughout the case. The co-debtor likely will also receive notice you filed from the creditor, as the bankruptcy will likely prevent the co-debtor from using certain debt functions, such as online services. 

There are parties in your life who should not receive notice that you filed bankruptcy. For example, unless you owe your employer debt, there shouldn’t be any reason your employer would receive notice of your case filing from the bankruptcy court. The same goes for minor children. Minor children’s names are not part of your bankruptcy case, and there should be no reason they would receive notice you filed from the bankruptcy court.  

If you are worried about certain parties receiving the notice you filed or have any questions about this, contact your attorney. They can give you advice about your specific situation.



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