What Happens If You File Bankruptcy in Maple Grove on Your Medical Bills?

Posted by William Kain on March 21, 2016 at 10:43 AM
William Kain

filing_bankruptcy_on_your_medical_bills.pngAn accident or severe medical catastrophe can happen in the blink of an eye.  You could hop in your car some sunny day after leaving your work in Maple Grove and all of the sudden here comes someone texting, not paying attention and BOOM! Now, your life is upside down at no fault of your own. The worst part is there’s not a whole lot that you’re guaranteed when it happens except a big bill. Medical expenses are not cheap and unfortunately most of the time they’re acquired unexpectedly and at inconvenient times.

On an average day in Minnesota there are 215 unexpected traffic crashes costing $4,394,663, adding up to over $1.6 BILLION dollars a year. That’s enough money to feed 220,000 families of four, two and a half times the population of Minneapolis, for an entire year! The amount of money spent on traffic crashes in Minnesota a year is astronomical. Now I’m not exactly sure how much of that is Health Care Related but according to the state statistics we spend over $40 BILLION dollars a year on that too. Which is enough money to pay for 25 years worth of traffic crashes! Crazy huh?

It’s no wonder there are millions of people, including our own friends and families, overwhelmed with so much debt that they can’t financially manage it anymore. Thankfully the government allows us to File Bankruptcy in Maple Grove and wipe that debt clean. This way if we get caught with an unexpected bill you can’t afford you don’t have to let it ruin your life.
But what happens after you wipe that medical debt clean? Will you be able to get future medical care? Can you go back to the hospital that you didn’t pay? How about your primary doctor? Or what about any other clinic?

The answers are simply yes, yes, yes and YES! These are all legitimate questions and my clients ask me them all time. They are a big concern for most people and I don’t blame them. It’s normal to contemplate the repercussions of bankruptcy. However, you have nothing to worry about.

You Will Be Able To Get Future Medical Care

After you File Bankruptcy in Maple Grove you will be able to get future medical care. This is something that you will find very easily. Private clinics do have the right to deny you service if you’ve filed against them but most of the time if you come with your checkbook or card in hand they aren’t going to say no. One of the biggest reasons why is because in Minnesota to receive funds from Medicare each clinic is required to provide a certain amount of health care without charge. Small clinics can’t start denying people health care without creating financial problems for themselves. Theoretically they would be losing a major source of revenue.

Now I’m not going to lie and say that nobody will deny you. It might happen but there are plenty of clinics out there and someone will be more than happy to give you medical care. If you go back to the clinic that you filed against and they refuse to serve you - go down the road to the next. All of the clinics are in competition and I can guarantee you the one down the street isn’t going to complain about having more people in their lobby.

The Hospital You Filed Against Has To Serve You

The hospital on the other hand does not have the same rights that a private clinic has. They don’t have the option to tell you no. If you need health care from them whether it’s emergency or not they are required to give it to you no matter what the case. I speak with people all the time who are worried about the type of service they are going to get after they file. They’re concerned that if they go back they’re going to get bad service because they didn’t pay their old bills. But once again you have nothing to worry about and here’s why: the Hospitals take care of so many patients chances are that they aren’t going to remember you. Although if for some odd reason they do they’re not going to know or care if you paid your past bills. That’s not their job. Their job is to treat you. The nurse is not going to call down to billing to check on every patient that comes in and find out what their payment history is like to decide how well to treat you. Second, any type of discrimination is against the law. At the hospital everybody gets treated and everybody gets treated equally.

No Private Clinic Is Going To Run Your Credit

Like I had mentioned previously there is a very slim chance that your primary doctor or private clinic might refuse to provide you with health care. Although, it’s not very common or smart of them. In my 32 years of experience as a Bankruptcy Attorney in Maple Grove I’ve only had this happen to a few of my clients and I’ve filed thousands of cases. But if it does happen it’s not the end of the world. Do a little research, go online, read reviews, talk to friends and family to find another clinic that you will be comfortable with using moving forward. The next clinic is going to be happy you came because clinics are just like any other business. The more patients they have the better. And the new clinic is not going to run your credit or check on your payment history at any other clinic.

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