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Posted by Wesley Scott on January 21, 2016 at 10:30 AM
Wesley Scott

file-bankrupty-maple-grove-mn.jpgWhen you're experiencing a business failure, income drop, divorce or medical problem or any type of financial struggle that you feel like you just can't escape, you're not alone! On average this happens to thousands of Minnesota residents every year leaving them with their best option to file bankruptcy. Just last year over 10,000 Minnesotan's needed to file a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to restore their 1st class citizenship again. It can happen to anyone. Even some of our own family members have filed bankruptcy. Fortunately, at Kain & Scott P.A., Maple Grove's nicest bankruptcy law firm, there are just 5 easy steps you need to take to get yourself on the road to a debt-free life again!

Step 1: Sign Up For A Free Consultation

First, sign up for a free, no obligation consultation to speak with one of our kind and helpful Bankruptcy Attorneys In Maple Grove. Either call us, request a Facetime/Skype appointment online or visit one of our lawyers in person M-F 8-5 at our Maple Grove office.

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Step 2: Review & Sign Your Petition

After your initial consultation with your bankruptcy lawyer our staff will help you fill out all of the necessary schedules that need to be filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to discharge your debt. Once the worksheets are completed we will have you review and sign them verifying that the information is true and correct. Within two days after you sign your bankruptcy papers the petition will be filed with the Bankruptcy Court. At this time, by law, all credit and debt collection must STOP!

Step 3: Attend a 341 meeting of creditors

Next, you and your lawyer will attend a 341 meeting with a bankruptcy trustee.  At this meeting the bankruptcy trustee will ask you questions about the information filed. They will confirm that you are familiar with it, that it is true and correct and ask if you've noticed any mistakes in the papers. They'll also ask you about any assets, payments that you owe or are owed, recent money transfers and your history of bankruptcy. The meeting usually only takes about 5-10 minutes. Don't worry - your creditors usually never show up for this meeting!

Step 4: Get your debt discharged

Once you file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, get a repayment plan confirmed and complete your payments a discharge order will be entered. When you file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, after your 341 meeting, it only takes 60 days and your discharge order will be entered. A discharge order is the light at the end of the tunnel. Once it’s entered you will be debt-free!


Now it’s time to enjoy your new debt-free life! Once your debt has been discharged almost all of your financial stress and struggles will be washed away. You won’t be obligated to pay any more money on the discharged debt. The shield goes up and by law you will be protected from any debt collectors or creditors contacting you or harassing you. It will be an amazing feeling! You’re going to feel dignified, confident, worthy, courageous and hopeful again!

When your in a financial struggle, afraid or not sure who to turn to contact the Maple Grove Bankruptcy Attorneys at Kain & Scott! Since 1972, we've helped thousands of people get their lives back!


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