What Happens to My Bankruptcy Co-Signer When I File in Minnesota?

Posted by Wesley Scott on April 21, 2021 at 9:30 AM
Wesley Scott

Two hands with pens sign the same bankruptcy document, posing the question, What happens to my bankruptcy co-signer when I file in MN?When you receive your bankruptcy discharge, your liability on the debt is discharged, but your co-signors isn’t. What will happen to them after you file and whether their credit will be impacted by your filing are common questions.

When Your Bankruptcy Co-Signer Is NOT Filing Bankruptcy With You

If the co-signor is someone not filing a joint bankruptcy with you, like a spouse, they should not be impacted by your filing as long as payments on the debt stay current. This includes their credit, if payments stay current after filing, there shouldn’t be a drop in your co-signors credit, even though you filed for bankruptcy.

Check With the Lender About Co-Signer Policy

That being said, in some situations it is a good idea to have your co-signor check with the lender on what would happen if you filed for bankruptcy and your co-signor didn’t. Not all lenders have the same policies, and then you would have a solid answer. Your attorney can help you decide if it is a good idea to check on this or not.

When Your Co-Signer Is Also Filing Bankruptcy in MN

If your account is not current and payments are not made after your bankruptcy is filed, your co-signors credit will be impacted just as if you hadn’t filed bankruptcy. If the account isn’t current prior to filing your case, in most circumstances your co-signor’s credit is already taking a hit from the behind and missed payments.

Remember, the lender can still collect from your co-signor, they are not protected just because you filed. If your case is a chapter 13, there is something called a co-debtor stay, which can protect your co-signors.


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