What Happens After the 341 Bankruptcy Meeting in MN?

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 10, 2021 at 7:16 AM
Wesley Scott

A white desk with a laptop, mini gold scales of justice, and open notebook with a black clothed arm and hand writing in it. Opposite from this is a pair of clasped ands resting on the desk, belonging to the debtor in a 341 meeting who is now wondering, What happens after the 341 bankruptcy meeting in MN? As a refresher, the 341 meeting is a 5-10 minute meeting with the bankruptcy trustee. During the meeting the trustee will ask you questions to verify the information in your case. Typically these meetings take place a month after your case has been filed.

What happens after the 341 meeting will depend on what type of case you have and whether you file a chapter 13 bankruptcy, a chapter 7, or have a no asset case or an asset case.

341 Meeting in a Minnesota Chapter 7 Case

If you have a no asset chapter 7 case, typically you are just waiting on your bankruptcy discharge. The discharge will be about 60 days after the 341 meeting. If the trustee has any follow up questions or needs additional information you will also provide that before the discharge.

If you have an asset chapter 7 case, the trustee will likely follow up with your attorney regarding a settlement or the non-exempt assets. Usually this is done by email or mail. Your attorney will then follow up with you.

341 Meeting in a Minnesota Chapter 13 Case

If you have a chapter 13 case, when the 341 meeting is concluded you will continue to make your chapter 13 monthly payments. Usually about a month after the 341 meeting there is a confirmation hearing. The confirmation hearing is where the judge confirms your chapter 13 plan. Typically you do not need to attend this hearing, they usually go by default with no appearances. When the plan is confirmed you continue to make your payments.


The 341 meeting is a step toward your bankruptcy discharge in any case. Your attorney will help you determine what to expect after it is done based on the type of case you have. Visit www.kainscott.com to speak with an attorney today. You will be glad you did!


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