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Posted by Wesley Scott on February 21, 2017 at 10:09 AM
Wesley Scott

client-shaking-hand-with-our-eagan-bankruptcy-lawyers.pngI know how to dance, but I don’t think I have ever learned how to 2 step- have you? Forget dancing for now, if you are up to your eyeballs in debt, you want simple solutions. No bullshit, no big talk, give it to me straight....how can I get my life back? At Kain & Scott our Eagan MN Bankruptcy Lawyers understand that. Dealing with overwhelming debt is crushing on your mental and physical spirit. Most of our guests have been dealing with overwhelming debt for years. If you live in Eagan and you are saddled with overwhelming debt, there is hope because we have developed a process of getting your life back that is comforting to our guests. Our promise to our guests is timeless.

We don’t judge you we HELP you get your life back!

Kain & Scott is Minnesota’s oldest bankruptcy law firm- we started helping Minnesotans get their lives back in 1972 and we haven’t stopped since. We have helped thousands of Minnesotans get their lives back and we can help you too!

Combined, the Eagan MN Bankruptcy Lawyers at Kain & Scott have over 50 years of bankruptcy experience. We have seen a thing or two because we have helped thousands of Minnesotans successfully get their lives back by traversing the complexities of the bankruptcy code.

The first part of our promise to our guests is we don’t judge you. What does that mean? It means we know that life is humbling, we know that bad things happen to good people, we know that if you are alive you have made bad financial decisions like we all have, that businesses do fail, marriages and relationships fail, that medical problems occur, and incomes drop.

The first part of our promise to you is that we understand problems in life occur, often through no fault of your own. We understand our common humanity and promise to behave with what we call "extreme humility."

The second part of our promise to you is to HELP you get your life back! What does that mean? It means that we promise to HELP you get your life back to the point where you were not overwhelmed with debt and had good credit.

That is why we call it 2 steps, 1 result. After 2 steps there will be one result- you will have your life back! POW! So let’s explore what is like to 2 step with Kain & Scott. As you think about doing the 2 step with Kain & Scott, think about what it would be like for you to finally move beyond the stress of this problem? Having your life back again is beautiful. Swimming in debt sucks.


Ok, it’s time to break it down into simple English. What is this 2 step, 1 result you are talking about? It’s as easy as 1.....2......


The first step on the road to getting your life back is to get rid of your debt for good, and tax free! If you have 50k in credit card debt, a chapter 7 will eliminate your liability on this debt, forever, and tax free!

Most people in chapter 7 bankruptcy lose no assets. The end result of a chapter 7 bankruptcy for the vast majority of our guests is they lose the debt and keep their assets. In chapter 13 bankruptcy, our guests make a payment back to their creditors over time, but the vast majority of our guests do not pay their debt in full. Indeed, in most chapter 13 bankruptcies, our guests pay a fraction of the debt back, but the vast majority of debt gets wiped out, forever, tax free!

Are you starting to understand step 1? It’s easy, and we can HELP you do it without you filling out piles of forms or doing all the work. At Kain & Scott, we never make our guests do most of the work- NEVER!

Most Eagan Bankrutpcy Lawyers only take their clients through step 1 and then they quit working for you. We don’t find that to be very nice. Instead, we take our guests all the way to getting their lives back! Would you find it funny to order a pizza and they show up with half a pizza? Of course not! It makes no sense to get half of your life back does it? Of course not- we get your entire life back!


Getting rid of your debt makes complete sense to me. Getting rid of your debt and not doing the second step- makes no sense to me. Repairing your credit after bankruptcy is a must. How do we help our guests repair their credit? It starts immediately after you get your discharge, and we will do it for free, for 90 days!

At Kain & Scott, we have a FREE 90 DAY CREDIT REPAIR PROGRAM that begins immediately after you get your bankruptcy discharge. We HELP you repair your credit by assigning you your very own credit repair specialist who works for Kain & Scott. We never would send our clients out with some cheesy code to someone else’s website.

The KainScott credit repair specialist is going to help you repair your credit reports, remove judgments, give you a free list of Minnesota professionals who help you obtain auto and home financing and other services, and give you free tutoring to learn tricks on how to improve your credit short term and for the long term.

The program is free but clients do have to pay the costs of removing judgments and pulling credit reports etc. However, there are no attorney or assistant fees for this service.


What is the 1 result you get from doing the 2 step with Kain & Scott? You get your life back! After all, isn’t this what debtors in Eagan want? Of course they do- they have been wanting this for years. And like flowers, our guests bloom at different times.

When the time is right for you, and when you are ready, reach out to Minnesota’s Nicest Bankruptcy Law Firm Guaranteed or 100% Off Your Fees* (see website for guarantee). Don’t ever make the mistake of hiring a law firm just to get rid of debt- hire a law firm that actually gets your entire life back! Our Eagan MN Bankruptcy Lawyers don't expect our guests to want anything less.

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