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      LifeBack Law: Bankruptcies in St. Paul, Minnesota

      Posted by Danielle Lin on November 3

      LifeBack Law Firm, Minnesota’s largest, nicest, and most helpful bankruptcy law firm, has recently opened a new office location in the heart of the Cathedral Hill neighborhood in St. Paul, Minnesota. Our modern, quaint, and historical St. Paul office is surrounded by trendy restaurants, such as Moscow on the Hill, Handsome Hog, and W.A. Frost. All of these restaurants are conveniently located next to, and just across the street from, our St. Paul office. Come see us at 370 Selby Ave Suite 224, St. Paul, MN 55102, and grab a bite to eat at one of these posh restaurants.

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      Looking To Hire A Bankruptcy Lawyer? Watch Out For This

      Posted by Wesley Scott on November 19


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      With Kain & Scott, Bankruptcy is Nothing to Worry About

      Posted by Wesley Scott on November 13

      The bankruptcy process, like any other legal proceeding, is tricky, intricate, and absolutely covered in red tape and fine print. Thinking about tackling a bankruptcy filing on your own can be absolutely overwhelming. Not to mention having to battle through the shame and stigma of filing for bankruptcy. Where does a Minnesotan even begin?

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      How Bankruptcy Helps Your Credit Score

      Posted by Wesley Scott on November 5

      What our guests want to know is how is bankruptcy A) going to look at my credit report and B) what is bankruptcy going to do to my credit score? These are common and worrying questions for our guests. Often times this can be the barrier that holds debtor’s back from seeking relief. Don’t let it!

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      What Minnesotans Want in a Chapter 7/13 Bankruptcy Law Firm

      Posted by Wesley Scott on September 20


      If you are suffering from overwhelming debt in Minnesota, you are not alone. Each year, over 15,000 Minnesotans file Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy in Minnesota. In some years, that number is much higher.  Minnesotans file more Chapter 7 Bankruptcies than Chapter 13. If I had to guess, the number is probably 3 Chapter 7 Bankruptcies to every Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. 

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      Why Does my Attorney Want me to File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

      Posted by Wesley Scott on September 18

      Most who file for bankruptcy want to file a Chapter 7. By filing Chapter 7, everything is said and done within three to six months and the slate is wiped clean. So when potential filers learn that they are only eligible to file a Chapter 13 or their attorney recommends a Chapter 13 over a Chapter 7, they panic. Three to five years in bankruptcy with monthly payments throughout the duration of that time? Why would someone file a Chapter 13 and drag the process out when Chapter 7 gets you out of debt faster with no payment plan?

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      Minnesota's Largest Chapter 7/13 Bankruptcy Website

      Posted by Wesley Scott on September 16

      Have you ever been interested in a topic and wanted to research it but there was no one place to research everything you want and need to know about the topic? That is more than frustrating right? I could not agree more. That is why Kain & Scott set out to build and maintain Minnesota’s LARGEST Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy website at www.kainscott.com. At www.kainscott.com you will find everything you are looking for about what is Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy, what is the bankruptcy process, what are the costs, and many do’s and don’ts before and after filing bankruptcy.

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      Posted by Wesley Scott on July 10

      I am a proponent of erring on the side of filing bankruptcy. Why? Because hitting the reset button is good for you mentally and physically. Who among us wants to live with overwhelming debt that results in stress and worry that sometimes doesn’t end for years? Not me. I have high anxiety. I don’t necessarily mind problems, but I cannot have no solutions. I also don’t want solutions that delay getting relief. For, me delayed relief from a problem, is no relief.

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      (Video) Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Minnesota

      Posted by Wesley Scott on July 9

      If you live and work around Woodbury, Minnesota, and you are contemplating filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, there are some things you should know. Sometimes things are not how they appear at first sight. Have you ever had the experience of thinking in your mind something was going to be really scary and then you did it, and found out it wasn’t as scary as you thought. Heck- you might have even enjoyed yourself a little!?

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      Posted by Wesley Scott on July 6

      I am starting to see a disturbing trend occur in the legal field. Some law firms seem to think they can hire non lawyers to do lawyer’s jobs. Thing is- we lawyers are licensed to give legal advice to clients, non-lawyers are not.

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      Posted by Wesley Scott on July 5

      The idea of bankruptcy for most is a scary proposition. But once you find out how it works, it softens the blow. For me, bankruptcy is a business tool, as Trump would say, to solve a business problem. That is, bankruptcy is a tool, to solve an overwhelming debt problem. Okay, well how does it solve the overwhelming debt problem?

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      Posted by Wesley Scott on July 4

      It is sad for me to watch as some law firms protect their bottom line over the interest of the clients. If you think this doesn’t happen in Minnesota, think again. There is one firm, that rhymes with locker, that has five lawyers and five paralegals. Now, this firm advertises for Minnesota guests to come in to see them for a free “bankruptcy analysis”.

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      (Video) What Makes Kain & Scott MN's Best Bankruptcy Law Firm?

      Posted by Wesley Scott on July 3

      I have a cynical personality. I don’t trust easily and I want proof of statements made. Sound like you too? I think many of us are a bit cynical. Now, you shouldn’t be like my grandpa who was so cynical that he didn’t trust anyone. But a healthy dose of cynicism in the market place is ok! When you are looking for an awesome bankruptcy lawyer is Minnesota, look no further than Kain & Scott. Why? Here is the proof!

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      Posted by Wesley Scott on April 18

      It is odd that I have to say this, but if a Minnesota resident intends to file for bankruptcy in Minnesota, choose a Minnesota BASED law firm. Why do I say this? Because there are out of state law firm’s soliciting Minnesota residents to file bankruptcy using an out of state law firm- some of who refer you back to a Minnesota lawyer who doesn’t have the same bankruptcy experience many other Minnesota bankruptcy attorneys have.

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      Posted by Wesley Scott on April 13

      We are so confident we are Minnesota’s Nicest Bankruptcy Law Firm we guarantee it and trademarked it! That is right, we trademarked “Minnesota’s Nicest Bankruptcy Law Firm Guaranteed or 100% Off Your Fees”!*

      A law firm that is willing to guarantee their service to you is confident about the service you will receive. So confident, in fact, that we guarantee it or 100% off your fees. Unique? We think so! If you live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and you are thinking about filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, if you are looking for the best customer service in the state of Minnesota, there is no other firm to turn to besides Kain & Scott.

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      Posted by Wesley Scott on February 15

      I am amazed at the number of Americans that don’t know the government actually has a government sponsored debt consolidation plan for you! It’s called a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and it is amazing! The number of benefits of being in a government sponsored debt consolidation plan cannot be understated.

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      Posted by Wesley Scott on February 14

      Once you have made the decision to get your life back, by filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you want to know how long is this going to take to get your life back right? When people make up their minds to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, they are so excited to get their lives back they always want to know when? When do I get my life back, improve my credit profile, and live for the future!

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      Full-Service Minnesota Bankruptcy Law Firm

      Posted by Kelsey Quarberg on December 7

      The term “full-service” is all the rage in business marketing: whether a hair salon, caterer, car wash, or accountant, every business pushes to be a one-stop solution to meet their customer’s needs. But what exactly is a full-service Minnesota bankruptcy law firm?

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      How to File Bankruptcy in Minnesota

      Posted by William Kain on December 5

      One of the most frequent questions potential clients ask us is, “do I really need a lawyer to file bankruptcy?” The answer is an overwhelming “yes!” While there is no law that requires you to hire a lawyer to handle your bankruptcy, it’s a good idea and can save you a significant amount of time and money.

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      How to File Bankruptcy with Minnesota’s Kain & Scott

      Posted by Margaret Henehan on November 8

      Congratulations on making the transformative decision to file your Minnesota bankruptcy with Minnesota’s oldest bankruptcy law firm, Kain & Scott!

      Now that you’re ready to erase your debt and repair your credit with Kain & Scott, we’ve created this handy article that shows you step-by-step how fast and easy your Minnesota bankruptcy can be with our bankruptcy specialists!

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      How To Find The Best Bankruptcy Law Firm In Mankato, MN

      Posted by Margaret Henehan on August 30

      Are you on the hunt for an experienced bankruptcy law firm in Mankato, Minnesota, but think you have a better chance of finding Bigfoot than a bankruptcy law firm that erases your debt and repairs your credit?

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      The Truth Behind MN Bankruptcy

      Posted by Wesley Scott on September 14

      When many of us are asked to describe the type of people who we think Contact MN Bankruptcy Lawyers we often begin to apply very negative associations with what we view a bankruptcy debtor to be.  Many people believe those who seek debt relief through bankruptcy are irresponsible with their finances or indigent because of a lack of effort on their part to better their circumstances.  In Minnesota we take great pride in our earning ability, possessions and financial stability yet these things do not define who we are as individuals nor is anyone invulnerable to sudden financial hardship regardless of their prior success, finances or possessions. 

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      The Filing Process You And Your MN Bankruptcy Lawyer Will Follow

      Posted by Wesley Scott on August 30

      Lets take a closer look at the steps you and your MN Bankruptcy Lawyer will take when you file because there are countless individuals and families who find themselves facing financial hardships unexpectedly and these people are often unsure of their options. The bankruptcy process is federally regulated and put in place for those who find themselves in these difficult financial circumstances. Many people are concerned with the complexities involved in legal matters and are apprehensive because of this that's why it's best to seek the knowledge and experience of a trained legal professional but it is equally important that you understand the undertaking.  

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      5 Ways To Know If You Should Be Thinking About Hiring A MN Bankruptcy Lawyer

      Posted by Wesley Scott on July 25

      At Kain & Scott, our MN Bankruptcy Lawyers have been filing bankruptcies in Minnesota since 1972. In that time, we have filed many thousands of bankruptcy cases. After a while, you can see patterns that Minnesotans go through before they file for bankruptcy protection. It’s almost like clock work really. So, if you see yourself doing one of the five common things people do before they file bankruptcy in Minnesota, you should ask yourself, is this me too?

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      What Else Should I Know That My MN Bankruptcy Lawyer Does?

      Posted by William Kain on July 21

      I remember the conversation clearly, even though it took place more than 10 years ago: I had just finished meeting with a client - let’s call him “Josh” - to review a draft of the petition and schedules our office prepared for his Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. We reviewed the draft carefully to make sure that we were listing all of the assets Josh owned and that he had listed all of the creditors to whom he owed money. We took a good look at his payroll records to make sure that his monthly income was being reported accurately. We made sure that any unusual financial transactions that took place shortly before our meeting were disclosed, and the requisite detail provided. Once we knew the information was accurate, Josh signed the papers...  

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      How To Pick The Best MN Bankruptcy Lawyer Near Me

      Posted by Wesley Scott on July 8

      All right, it’s time to get out of this financial turmoil. You’re over your head in debt and you’re trying to stay current on your payments yet you just can’t do it anymore. Creditors don’t stop calling and harassing you and it’s extremely overwhelming. You’ve came to the conclusion that the only way out is bankruptcy. So you get online and start searching for a MN Bankruptcy Lawyer. The second you type in the query MN Bankruptcy Lawyer in Google and press enter, you get hundreds of results. Uh oh, now what?

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      Why Thousands Of People Are Calling The Kain & Scott Bankruptcy Lawyers MN

      Posted by Wesley Scott on June 15

      You might not recognize Kain & Scott as the leading Bankruptcy Lawyer in MN or a Law Firm that has been practicing for over 40 years. You’re also likely to have found us on Online. And if you’ve been searching the internet for a while now researching Bankruptcy Lawyers MN you might have seen us on several different websites. The Kain & Scott brand name has been well established in MN since 1972. We have helped thousands of Minnesotan debtors get their lives back. In a recent statement by one of our clients Sonja from Minneapolis, she said, “These lawyers are amazing! They definitely know what they are doing!” But Sonja isn’t our only happy client ecstatic about getting her life back! Thousands of Minnesotan’s call us for help relieving their debt problems every year and leave us positive reviews just like her. Here’s why:

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      How Estate Planning and Filing Bankruptcy In MN Can Work Together

      Posted by Wesley Scott on June 10

      The golden years- a period of relaxation, plenty of money, lots of travel and the freedom to play golf and fish everyday right? For many of our Minnesota seniors, the retirement years don’t look anything like this. In fact, for many seniors there is nothing golden about chronic pain, no money, lots’ of debt, and with that the freedom to do very little.

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