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      Filing Bankruptcy in Mankato, MN? Avoid This at All Cost!

      Posted by Wesley Scott on October 24

       If you are considering filing Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy in Mankato, Minnesota, avoid this. You will find that bankruptcy law firms advertise in Mankato. You will also find that some firms claim to have an office open in Alexandria from 7 am to 9 pm. And yet, when you go to the location during these hours, the doors are locked. Moreover, the location is in the basement of a building actually belongs to another law firm altogether.

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      What Happens To My Credit After Filing Chapter 7 in Duluth, MN?

      Posted by Wesley Scott on September 3

      So many good Duluth residents think that if they file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, they will ruin their credit forever. We hear this common misconception all the time. They also wonder if, after filing bankruptcy,
      can I rent, can I buy a home, and can I get credit cards or vehicle loans again? These are all legitimate questions that I would want to know the answer to as well. But life is not always what it seems. I have a little secret to let you in on: future lenders don’t care if you can pay your current debt, what future lenders really want to know is will you pay us if we lend you money now? That is really what future lenders care about.

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      What Documents Should You Gather to File for Bankruptcy?

      Posted by William Kain on January 23

      When you file for bankruptcy, you’re basically asking the bankruptcy court to relieve you of the obligation to pay some or all of your debts. As part of that process, you need to demonstrate to the court that you can’t pay all of your creditors in full. As a result, you will need to submit what may seem to be an overwhelming amount of paperwork to the court and the other parties to your bankruptcy case. This is intimidating for many people, especially if they don’t have an attorney to represent them. The documentation you submit is critical if you want your case to be successful - failing to submit the correct documents can jeopardize your case and even result in it being dismissed.

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