SCOTUS When to Worry

Posted by Col Ovik on July 18, 2022 at 7:30 AM
Col Ovik

shutterstock_376063027There have been some headline making US Supreme Court opinions recently. Some decisions you may agree with, and some you may disagree with, but the real question is when and why should the public be concerned with these decisions. 

First and foremost, the US Supreme Court does not make laws. They can only interpret the laws created by Congress or clear up ambiguities. So, if the Court is getting the intent of the statute incorrect, it is the public that needs to pressure their Congressman to correct the Court’s misinterpretation and to create or revise existing laws. The job of a justice is not to rule, but to provide clarity where Congress has not. 

In this country we have a Constitution. This document is significant and has been amended only a few times since its creation. The Fourth Amendment prohibits “unreasonable searches and seizures.”  This Amendment is what prevents the police from entering our homes (without a warrant), from using excessive force, and allows us, the public, to have an expectation of privacy. This is one Amendment that you do not want eroded by the Court’s decisions. When exceptions are made for what constitutes a violation of your rights-you should be worried. Very few justices and congressman, could fathom a life of living paycheck to paycheck, or not living in gated or upscale community, or being treated like a criminal, even though they have committed no crimes. To put it simply, the decision-makers in this country likely have never been in a position to feel like their Fourth Amendment rights have or will be violated. 

The Court has recently ruled certain CBP agents can exercise broad authority to make warrantless arrests and search vehicles up to 100 miles away from the border (yes, that includes the Canadian border -Northern MN), and there is no cause of action for damages for these searches. The Court’s decision erodes the power of the Fourth Amendment. Without meaningful redress against constitutional violations by federal law enforcement, the public will continue to suffer serious constitutional violations. 


Did the Court get it right? Is Congress better equipped to create causes of action? Keep informed about the Court’s decisions and how it may impact you and your rights. And contact the attorneys at LifeBackLaw and see us at and let us help you get your life back.


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