Looking For A Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer? Here’s Who NOT To Hire

Posted by Wesley Scott on May 21, 2018 at 6:00 PM
Wesley Scott

At Kain & Scott, we want our Minneapolis guests to be careful who they hire to represent them in their bankruptcy case.  Why do you have to be careful who what Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer you hire? Because there are “professionals” who try and solicit you to file bankruptcy with them who are not necessarily the best qualified to represent you in the bankruptcy case.

I have seen advertising on park benches, billboards, tv ads, and even google AdWords that one must be very careful in approaching. I would suggest you never hire a “paralegal” service who advertises on park benches or offices out of their home. Speaking of which, never agree to meet a lawyer in his/her home either. That is just plain unprofessional.

Also, be very careful of out of state companies that try and solicit you to file bankruptcy with them only to refer you back to Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer with questionable bankruptcy experience compared to other local attorneys who are much more experienced.

Be careful of any professional who is just too eager to collect your money and then all of sudden is slow to respond to your questions once they have your money. In a market like this, it is buyer beware! Please take the time to read Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyers google and glassdoor reviews to see what their former clients have said and what their former employees think of them. More than ever, google and glassdoor reviews are becoming a window into the psyche of the business you are dealing with. If several former employees would not use the company’s services, why would you?

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