St Paul Bankruptcy Lawyer Reviews: Why Google's Matter

Posted by Wesley Scott on May 11, 2018 at 12:01 PM
Wesley Scott

 I love “Google Reviews”. Why? Because they are a wonderful barometer of what you will receive for food, service, or anything else with a business. What better way to determine what you will receive from a St Paul Bankruptcy Lawyer than to see the experience others had with the same firm right?

I find that people who write Google Reviews are either very pro-the business or very negative the business. You don’t see too many people write luke warm reviews. My theory is if you feel luke warm about the business you won’t write a review in the first place. It’s only those guests who feel “wowed” by the law firm service or really “negative” about their experience that write reviews.

That is why I think you have to be careful of a law firm that has few reviews. Was the experience with them so blah that guests didn’t feel compelled to write a review? That is my working theory. Anytime I see a firm with little to no reviews I think the guest was underwhelmed and didn’t feel much one way or another about the service they received. That should tell you something as well.

On the other hand if the service was so “wow” or “negative” people talk and share. If a St Paul Bankruptcy Lawyer has many negative reviews and many people who have agreed with the review, you have to wonder if your experience would be similar to what this person received. It would be a warning call for me.  I don’t trust what the lawyer says they are like, I trust what the client say they felt the service was like.

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