Living With Positivity, Despite Adversity

Posted by Col Ovik on September 13, 2021 at 8:31 AM
Col Ovik

Living With Positivity, Despite Adversity in Minnesota BankruptcyRecently, I started watching a new television series call Ted Lasso and I was quite wonderfully surprised. This is a show about positivity, kindness, and thoughtfulness. Even faced with the ugliest of characters, Ted Lasso continues his crusade of positivity. This is a message we should all embrace.

Honey or Vinegar?

Many times I find myself passively watching some television show and the characters are awful to one another or some reality tv show that displays people at their absolute worst. At best, maybe I get a laugh from it, and at the worst, I walk away with a dampened outlook on human kind.

The real appeal of the show, Ted Lasso, is how it demonstrates the nature of how one should strive to act. You never see the main character (Ted Lasso) lose his temper, or say an unkind word despite others mistreating him. He uses positivity and cunning to win people over.

Live With Positivity

So the question is: why are we not living more like Ted Lasso? Why is it that people seem to be more reluctant to be kind than to be rude. There may be some correlation between our behavior and the media we consume, but the greater point here is, when we have the option to view something positive, do something positive or participate in something positive, we should take that opportunity. We should surround ourselves with positive people, positive experiences and positive media. We should be less reactionary and more understanding.

I am not saying that a television show can change the world, but what I am saying is it can be an example of how to live, and how to treat other people.


Sometimes the world is going to let you down. People will disappoint you, but that does not mean you have to succumb to that behavior. Be classy, be insightful and be witty. Stay positive! Life can get better and you can have fun doing it. Contact the attorneys at LifeBackLaw and see us at and let us bring some positivity back into your life.


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