Taking That First Step Towards Filing MN Bankruptcy

Posted by William Kain on March 24, 2021 at 6:15 AM
William Kain

Legs from the ankle down in black pants and white tennis shoes, at the bottom center of the image are standing in front of a large white arrow painted on mint green concrete, representing taking that first step towards filing MN bankruptcy.Financial problems can generate so much stress that it is difficult for a lot of people to collect financial information – embarrassment and anxiety can cause good people to shut down by not opening mail, answering phone calls or even checking bank balances because of the paralyzing fear that the news is going to be bad.

Still, if someone decides that filing a bankruptcy case is in their best interest, the lawyer representing the client has to prepare a bankruptcy petition and schedules that accurately reflect the client’s financial situation.

How a Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Support You

So asking people who are feeling this way to collect financial information to help prepare bankruptcy petitions and schedules can be asking a lot. We understand this at Kain & Scott – so a lot of our practice is devoted to providing as much support as possible to assist clients in helping us prepare legal documents that are complete, correct and accurate.

Using Technology to Make Your MN Bankruptcy Easier

We do this by activating 21st Century technology to support our clients’ information gathering. We don’t require out clients to fill out multiple-page questionnaires in order to get the financial information needed to disclose accurate information when filing bankruptcy in Minnesota. Rather, we use technology to generate the baseline of information needed, and ask our clients to conscientiously supplement that information where needed.

When a draft of the petition is prepared, our clients sit down with our assistants and one of the lawyers at Kain & Scott to carefully review the draft and make changes if and where appropriate. Then after a final draft of the petition and schedules is prepared, our clients are sent that draft for a final review.

The client is our active partner in completing, and in some cases correcting information in the petition and schedules, rather than bearing the burden of being the sole source of the information. The result is professional legal documents and clients who feel supported by the law firm representing them and confident in the quality of the documents filed with the court.


It's understandable if you've been hesitant to file bankruptcy because the process seems overwhelming. The MN bankruptcy lawyers at Kain & Scott are here to reassure you that the process doesn't have to be painful. We can provide you with a roadmap that is easily to follow. Call us at 612-448-9231  or find out more or get a free consultation at www.kainscott.com.


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