How To File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Posted by Wesley Scott on August 27, 2020 at 12:35 PM
Wesley Scott

file-chapter-7-bankruptcy-minneapolis-mnOnce I have decided to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy what on earth do I do? What is the first step I should take? Let me ask you a question—if you needed heart surgery would you call a foot doctor or heaven forbid do it yourself? Of course not. The very first thing you need to do is research local quality bankruptcy law firms. And be very careful of some law firms that claim to have a vast local presence when they do not. Now, when you are researching local MN bankruptcy law firms the one thing you must do is read a lot of Google Reviews. These Google Reviews are like gold whether they are positive or negative reviews.

From my experience, ignore all of the 5 star reviews with no comments. I personally don’t trust those reviews to be from clients. If you really were an ecstatic client of the law firm, wouldn’t you have said a few words at a minimum? I think so. So I always skip 5 star reviews with no comments. Read the reviews with comments and see if you can discern a pattern among them. If there is a pattern of bad communication or rude staff, move to the next firm. That is a red-flashing warning sign.

Once you have found a Minnesota based law firm that does nothing but bankruptcy work, has great Google Reviews, and is large, set up an appointment to speak with a bankruptcy attorney. If the person you are speaking to is a non-lawyer and they are giving you legal advice, get their name, hang up the phone, and then call the police and file a report for the unauthorized practice of law which is criminal in Minnesota and in most states.


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