Posted by Wesley Scott on August 6, 2018 at 8:45 AM
Wesley Scott

If you are a renter, or know you will become one, one of your concerns filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will be can I rent after I file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? We people with high anxiety worry about being able to rent and the ultimate fear of will I be out on the street? With the gift of high anxiety comes the “worst case” scenario thinking. We always go to the extreme. You know- if I file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, I will be living on the street because no one will rent to me.

This is not true. Look, if your credit is already crappy or it will be crappy because you see the freight train barreling down the tracks on you, you will probably have a difficult time renting if you do nothing right? We agree? If you have judgments against, are getting sued, or your wages are being garnished, or accounts levied, you will likely have trouble renting now.

Here is what happens AFTER you file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Your debts go away, we clean up your credit reports, and all of sudden your credit profile is much better and future landlords are more confident you will pay your rent, because you have no debt! Make sense? We agree? Folks, this is the way the world works. Landlords don’t care if you pay your other bills, they want a sense of confidence you will pay your rent to them! It’s true!

So, one of the best ways to protect your ability to rent in the future is to clean your credit up now and get rid of debt.


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