Why You Should Take Advantage of a Free Bankruptcy Consultation

Posted by Wesley Scott on March 3, 2015 at 8:30 AM
Wesley Scott

freebankruptcyconsultationFinding yourself in over your head with debt problems can feel like a weight constantly weighing you down. We understand that good honest people can face financial troubles out of their control, and because of this bankruptcy attorneys want to help. If you ever find yourself in need of financial help, consider going in to talk with an attorney. Many attorneys offer free consultations, and they by no means require you to file for bankruptcy. Here’s a personal story from a couple I met with recently:

Personal Story

Our story may sound familiar to you.  When we were in college, my husband and I incurred credit card debt for various reasons.  I was enrolled in a very difficult course of study and I did not have time for a part-time job. Therefore, I lived off my credit cards when necessary. My husband wanted to live off campus with some of his friends but did not make enough money from his part-time job to cover all of his expenses. Because of this he also ended up using his credit cards to supplement his income.  We both believed that once we graduated college and got full-time jobs, we would easily be able to pay off our credit card debt.

After college, we moved in with each other and began planning a wedding.  Of course, we began our careers in entry-level positions that did not pay nearly the amount of money we had dreamed of during college.  Our expenses far exceeded our current income and our credit card debt continued to grow.  Last year as we dreamed of buying a home, we realized that we would never be able to pay off our credit card debt with the small amount of income left over each month.  We could only afford to pay the minimum payments on our credit cards and it would have taken us years to pay them off this way.  My husband and I realized that we had to do something to resolve our debt problems.

Searching for Debt Solutions

After we realized we needed to do something to resolve our debt problems, we began searching for debt solutions online.  We found information about debt consolidation loans but this would not resolve our debt problems as we would still owe the same amount that we did right now.  My husband suggested we contact a debt consolidation company that would negotiate our debts to lower the amount that we would owe. By doing more research we discovered that many of these companies charge large fees for their services, our creditors did not have to agree to negotiate our debts, and we might be in a worse financial position after using a debt consolidation company than we were already.  We felt hopeless until we found a bankruptcy firm that offered a free bankruptcy consultation.  My husband and I read some of the information provided on the law firm’s website and decided to schedule an appointment to discuss our options with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

An Affordable Solution to Our Debt Problems

You may assume that we filed bankruptcy to resolve our credit card debt, but you would be wrong.  After discussing our options with a bankruptcy attorney, he actually got us in contact with a financial planner that worked with us to fix our financial situation.  By taking advantage of the free bankruptcy consultation to get credible advice from an expert, we are now on a manageable plan that is helping us get out of debt.  We thought that the bankruptcy attorney would push bankruptcy on us, but instead he discussed several options, including bankruptcy, that we could pursue to get out of debt.  The attorney took the time to get to know us and understand our situation before he offered his advice and we are forever grateful for that. 

We are thankful that we found a bankruptcy law firm that offered free bankruptcy consultations with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.  Because we scheduled the free bankruptcy consultation, we received expert advice that led us to a debt solution that was best for our situation.

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