What to Expect From Your Bankruptcy Consultation

Posted by William Kain on March 13, 2015 at 1:55 PM
William Kain

When most people walk into their initial bankruptcy consultation they don’t know what to expect, and in turn this can create some nervous feelings about what is going to happen. A bankruptcy is a big step to take on the road to financial freedom, so here at Kain & Scott we want to make sure that we make our clients as comfortable as possible. From the moment you walk in, you will be treated with the respect, courtesy and dignity you deserve. From the initial greeting with our receptionist to the handshake at the end of our meeting, you will feel comfortable and taken care of.

Unlike many other bankruptcy law firms which require you to first meet with a paralegal to flush out the details, you will instead meet with a thoughtful Kain & Scott lawyer from the very start. After we hear your story and get an understanding of your financial situation, we will go over your options as well as our fees and how we get paid. We feel that by giving you a thorough explanation of fees from the very start, we help put you in a better state of mind when considering your options. The last thing we want to do is sign you onto a plan and then have you be surprised at what the fees will be. We are honest and straight forward when explaining everything and are open to any questions you may have.

You may feel that you are all alone in finding a solut

ion to, but when you come to us you will never be alone through the bankruptcy process. A thoughtful Kain & Scott lawyer can be contacted by phone, email, and in person for any question or problem you may have. We will be the contact point for all your needs between you and your creditors and you will have our full team of staff behind you to help you on your path to debt freedom. When your bankruptcy is completed, you will have that fresh start we promise you and we will help you make your budget work for all your future needs. 

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