(Video) What Are The Chances of Getting Denied a Chapter 7 Discharge?

Posted by Wesley Scott on September 4, 2017 at 8:30 AM
Wesley Scott

At Kain & Scott we get asked what the chances of getting denied a Chapter 7 discharge a lot and we completely understand this concern. But, let’s talk about what actually happens to the VAST majority of Minnesotans who file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The VAST majority get their discharge and have their debts wiped out, tax free! However, a very small percentage of cases do get denied, here are the reasons:


1. You Can Get Denied If you File The WronG Type

The single most common reason someone can get denied a Chapter 7 discharge is because they filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy but had the ability to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and make a payments back to the creditors. If you have the ability to make a payments back to your creditors you need to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, not Chapter 7.

2. Or If You Lie Or Do Not Cooperate

The second most common reason someone may get denied a Chapter 7 discharge is by lying on your schedules or at your hearing or fail to cooperate with the trustee. Getting a Chapter 7 discharge requires honesty from you and your cooperation in the administration of the estate. Failure to cooperate or be candid on your schedules and Chapter 7 case would be grounds for a denial or revocation of your discharge.


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