Top 3 Advantages Of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Posted by William Kain on February 23, 2016 at 10:12 AM
William Kain

3_Advantages_of_Chapter_13_Bankruptcy.pngFor decades Chapter 13 Bankruptcy has been developing a negative stigma. The critical view is that it’s the result of ignorance and irresponsibility. But why? The stereotypes and negative stigma that it evokes are false and unfair. At Kain & Scott the Bankruptcy Attorneys in Roseville, with over 47+ years of experience know better. The reality about people who file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is quite the contrary and always has been. Chapter 13 was designed and sponsored by our government as a way for responsible people, aware of their debt problems, to resolve their debt and get their life back. There’s no question that Choosing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a great option, for any debtor, for three main reasons.

1. Easy payment Plans

Chapter 13 is an “Easy Repayment Plan.” It is a great debt solution for anyone struggling with unmanageable debt. The repayment plan is flexible in its terms allowing you to stretch your payments out for up to five years or for as little as three years. When you meet with one of the Bankruptcy Attorneys in Roseville they will work with you to attain a fair payment based upon what you can afford after all reasonable and necessary expenses (including your car, house, food, clothes, gas, medical and insurance) are factored in. This means that you and your family come first, the creditors second. Chapter 13 is about you. The best part is that after completing the terms of the plan the remaining debt is wiped away. Forever. Tax-free!

2. No More Harassing Phone Calls

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop creditors and debt collectors from calling and screaming at you for payments? Just imagine no more harassing phone calls, threats to garnish your wages or steal the things you need like your house and the car you drive. Sounds great doesn’t it? Fortunately, that’s exactly what filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can do for you. Overwhelming debt can be stressful and embarrassing but it doesn’t have to be, especially with a court order of protection from harassment. Promptly after you meet with one of our Bankruptcy Attorneys in Roseville your case will get filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Automatically after your case is filed all of your creditors and debt collectors will get notified that by law they are prohibited from contacting you. This way you are protected the entire time you are working towards your debt free life.

3. A Jump Start On Your Credit Score 

Although filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a negative credit event on your credit record, believe it or not, filing is one of the best ways to begin rebuilding your credit. I know it sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? But it’s absolutely true, there is Life After Bankruptcy and here’s why: filing Chapter 13 alleviates you from most of your financial obligations. Creditors want to lend money to people who don’t have many financial obligations because they know that these people can afford to make their payments. In fact, the creditors would rather give someone a line of credit who filed bankruptcy, with no financial obligations, rather than someone with a good credit score and a lot of debt. This is why, ironically, after filing with one of the Bankruptcy Attorneys in Roseville a lot of clients start receiving new offers from lenders. Taking a major step to resolve your debt is respected by creditors. It also gives you the opportunity to get your credit score back.

The Possibilities are endless

Other than students loans, child support or spousal maintenance payments Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can potentially eliminate almost any unsecured debt. Remember feeding your family, keeping them clothed and a roof over their head is more important than paying a creditor. Everyone is entitled to a safety net when in a serious financial struggle and that is exactly what Chapter 13 was designed for. If you are swamped with unmanageable credit card debt, utility charges or medical bills we’re glad you’re here. At the Kain & Scott Bankruptcy Law Firm we specialize exclusively in debt relief. We live and breath our motto, “We don’t judge you, we help you get your life back!” Contact the Bankruptcy Attorneys in Roseville today and let them help you get started on the road to a debt-free life!

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