The process of filing bankruptcy in St. Cloud, Minnesota

Posted by Wesley Scott on April 21, 2022 at 7:30 AM
Wesley Scott

shutterstock_336276035Like any problem, the first step is admitting, I have a debt problem. I am not sick, my finances are sick. Once you get that far, you are well on your way to getting your life back. In St. Cloud, MN, we are a bankruptcy law firm right near where you live. If you are looking for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyer near you or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy lawyer near you, LifeBack Law in St. Cloud is right in your back yard. We are locating at 13 7th Avenue South, St. Cloud, MN 56301. We are located downtown St. Cloud on 7th avenue south; right across the street from Capitol One Bank and a few doors down from Jets Pizza.

     Step 1 is to reach out to LifeBack Law Firm by scheduling your own free strategy session in seconds by going now to If you want help scheduling an appointment call 320-252-0330 and our team would be happy to help you schedule a free strategy session to help resolve a debt problem for good.

     Step 2 is retaining LifeBack Law Firm to protect you against your creditors. Once your case is filed, most creditors are legally barred from trying to collect from you. There is peace in the valley.

     Step 3 involves attending a meeting of creditors. It is also referred to as a 341 meeting because the origin of the meeting starts at Section 341 of the Bankruptcy Code. The vast majority of hearings occur without any creditors appearing.

     Step 4 is receiving your bankruptcy discharge! A bankruptcy discharge means your liability on the debt is gone, tax free, forever!

     But even after step 4 is done we are not through with our clients! We enroll you in LifeBack Law Firm’s FREE Credit Repair Program, up to a $3,250 value for FREE!



     When the time is right, or when you are ready, reach out to St. Cloud, MN’s closest bankruptcy law firm near you by going now to You will be so thankful you did.


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