Posted by Wesley Scott on March 23, 2018 at 4:15 PM
Wesley Scott

Chances are, if you are considering filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Minneapolis, MN, you are thinking that filing bankruptcy would be terrible for your credit score and profile. If you believe this, you are like the vast majority of Minnesotans. When most Minnesotans think about bankruptcy, and its’ impact on ones’ credit score, you think that bankruptcy would be devastating. Guess what? You are all wrong!

First, filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and receiving a bankruptcy discharge typically results in your credit score increasing. Why? Because you have no debt. Reducing or eliminating your debt is always a positive on your credit score. It is not uncommon at all for our guest’s credit scores to increase upon discharge.

Second, not only does a bankruptcy discharge result in an increased credit score it also results in a much better credit profile. Why? Because after you receive your discharge and you go through Kain & Scott’s FREE 90-Day Credit Repair Program, your judgments are removed, your credit reports are correct, and you have learned valuable nuggets on how to further improve your credit profile- like how to get better interest rates and other terms on a loan or any kind of financing.

The impact bankruptcy has on your credit score and profile is a net positive- and that is the MOST SHOCKING thing about filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and getting a discharge in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I feel sorry for guests who needlessly suffer so long, along with their families, because they think it is just the opposite. How does the saying go? The truth shall set you free!


When the time is right or when you are ready, reach out to Minnesota’s ONLY bankruptcy law firm that helps you 1) get rid of debt, and 2) helps you repair your credit profile in our FREE 90-Day Credit Repair Program at www.kainscott.com. You will be glad you did!

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