Posted by Wesley Scott on September 22, 2018 at 6:10 PM
Wesley Scott

I am not sure everyone understands the role of a paralegal. Paralegals are not licensed lawyers. They cannot give you legal advice, sign you up, or even quote you a fee without violating state law and many ethical rules.

So, why am I bringing this subject up at all? Unfortunately, there are some law firms that believe it is ok to have guests meet with a non-lawyer to do an “intake”. What is an “intake”? Well, basically an intake is the first “consultation”, the time when the client meets with the professional seeking advice about whether they should file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or not. Guests do not come in to give you information and then for the professional to give them a blank stare.

On the contrary, guests want the professional to explain what bankruptcy is, what the process is, how bankruptcy impacts the guest. Guests also want direct legal advice. Should I file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or not? How much will you charge me?

The trouble is a paralegal can do NONE of the above. Paralegals cannot give you legal advice, they cannot quote you a fee, they cannot explain bankruptcy and how it impacts you and your life. So you ask, why then do law firms have you meet with a paralegal? Because it saves them money. They are more interested in their financial bottom line than your well-being. I know that sounds sinister but it is also the truth.

The truth is, if they cared about their clients, they would NEVER have their clients meet with paralegals. Paralegals serve a role in our justice system but not meeting and advising clients.


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