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Posted by Wesley Scott on October 28, 2016 at 10:44 AM
Wesley Scott

Minneapolis-Bankruptcy-Lawyer.jpgThis is not easy stuff folks. The amount of courage it takes to reach out for help cannot be understated. Most of our clients in Minneapolis are embarrassed to find themselves in debt and often scared to reach out for help. However, equally nerving is not being able to pay your bills and worrying that you might be living in a card board box soon. There is hope. Debt is simply a problem to be solved and nothing more. It’s no different than having an infection in a really embarrassing location. The medical staff does not find it embarrassing, they just need to find the solution to the problem. That is the same for Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyers . Our laser focus is to solve your debt problem for good.

But, whether you are embarrassed, busy, or both, we can meet with you to discuss your debt problems on your terms, not ours. You might live anywhere in the Twin Cities and don’t get home until 6:00 PM. No problems, at Kain & Scott, we can meet with you when the time is right and is convenient for you. At Kain & Scott, our Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyers are no different than you. I don’t want to be pushed or sold on anything. But, we do want to be educated about choices- choices on how to solve a debt problem for good. As a client, I would want to reach out to a Minneapolis Bankruptcy Attorney on my terms too. Some of our guests feel more comfortable than others with meeting us face to face.


At Kain & Scott in Minneapolis all of our Bankruptcy Lawyers offer 30 minute free telephone consultations to discuss your debt problems. If you have time during lunch or on a break during the day, we can discuss your situation and offer you meaningful advice over the telephone.

I would guess that 20% of our consultations are by phone at first. Easy, convenient, and flexible for our clients. You can learn a lot in 30 minutes of your time. You will have clarity. I have high anxiety and I don’t mind problems, problems are just a fact of life. But, what I hate is no solutions to the problems.


If you have an I-phone, face time works great to start the conversation with us on how to solve a debt problem. Don’t confuse Face Time with in-person appointments! Face Time means using your I-phone to see each other via video feed. The power of technology has made meeting with our Minneapolis guests easier than ever!

At Kain & Scott, we offer 30 minute free Face Time where we can look under the hood, see what is going on, and give you’re your choices on how to solve the problem. Sometimes the solution is bankruptcy, sometimes it is not. If you have 30 minutes to give us and an I-phone you will learn a lot about your choices on how to solve a debt problem for good.


At Kain & Scott, we use Skype to meet with many of our Minneapolis guests. If you live over 50 miles away from any one of our convenient and professional Minnesota locations, Skype might be a great way to start the conversation with us.

As I am typing this blog, Kain & Scott has 8 convenient and professional locations in Minnesota. We staff offices in Brainerd, St Cloud, and Maple Grove. We also have satellite offices in Eden Prairie, Eagan, Woodbury, Roseville, and Minneapolis.

If you live in Minnesota on the Canadian border or on the Iowa border, you may want to Skype with us. We offer a 30 minute free Skype appointment to discuss your debt issues. Of Course, you can Skype with us if you live one block from our office too! This is about the convenience for our guests - not us. But technology has made it easier than ever to meet with our Minnesota guests in a variety of formats.

My point is simply this- if you live in Duluth, International Falls, or Caledonia, we can discuss and solve your debt problems from anywhere in the state of Minnesota.


The best, and the oldest form of meeting with us, is still in person. If you come into one of our professional Minnesota locations, we will roll the red carpet out for you and any guests you bring with. Within seconds of being inside one of our locations, any anxiety you feel will quickly melt away.

All of our locations are nicely appointed with our clients in mind. We offer each guest a menu of beverages and goodies for your enjoyment. We also have client lounges for your comfort. Remember that this is not about us. It’s about you and solving a nagging debt problem for you and your family. Once you get beyond the initial fear, life is so beautiful.


To all of our former guests who had the courage to tackle this problem and get their lives back, we salute you! To our future guests who are plagued with overwhelming debt and struggling with a resolution, know that there is hope- there is life beyond solving this debt problem for good.

To make it easier for you to get your life back, Kain & Scott offers you 4 different ways to converse with us about solving this debt problem for your family. We have never had a single client regret filing bankruptcy. Instead, they all wished they would have filed years ago.

Being saddled with overwhelming debt is painful and very stressful. We know how you feel. Our former clients have all felt the same way. But what they found is once they reached out to Kain & Scott, they found they had hope again, they found they got their life back fast. I can’t tell you how inspiring that is to our guests. It is fantastic to have a bounce in your step once again.

They just wished they would have done it years ago. That is what I really feel bad about. I feel bad that people suffer as long as they do. I know what it is like to suffer with a problem for a long time. It is not healthy at all. Don’t be afraid. Reach out to a Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer that cares and get your life back today!

But don’t take our word for it- look at our google client reviews and see what former clients have said about us.

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