How to File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in St. Cloud, Minnesota

Posted by Margaret Henehan on November 1, 2017 at 2:35 PM
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filing chapter 13 bankruptcy in St. Cloud, MN.jpgWhen you visit St. Cloud, Minnesota’s official website, there is a staggering amount of “how to” information for residents: if you want to report graffiti, apply for a dog license, or volunteer for a great cause, all the necessary information is laid out in easy-to-follow steps. If you want to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy in St. Cloud, however, an experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy law firm that provides excellence in bankruptcy representation to St. Cloud residents is your best source for information and guidance.

So, how do you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in St. Cloud, Minnesota? With the help of the friendly and knowledgeable bankruptcy specialists at Kain & Scott, you can get your finances back on track fast!

For an overview of Chapter 13 bankruptcy and the incredible representation our law firm offers, read on!

Chapter 13 bankruptcy explained

While most people are familiar with the concept of bankruptcy, few understand the differences between the various types. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a government-sponsored debt consolidation plan that allows you to repay your creditors over a set amount of time--typically 3-5 years--after which, your remaining unsecured debt is eliminated.

Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is a liquidation bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to repay your debts while keeping your home, car, and other big-ticket items.

Chapter 13 is ideal for those St. Cloud residents who have sufficient income to make affordable payments under a repayment plan that is based on what you can afford. Your income and other financial information will determine whether a three-year or five-year repayment plan is best.

Choosing the right St. Cloud Chapter 13 bankruptcy law firm

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a big decision that will impact your family’s finances for some time. With the stakes set high and your family’s financial future on the line, it’s important that you choose the right St. Cloud Chapter 13 bankruptcy law firm to handle your bankruptcy.

When choosing your St. Cloud Chapter 13 bankruptcy law firm, consider the following questions:

  • Does this law firm specialize in Chapter 13 bankruptcy?
  • Has this law firm had proven real-world experience successfully representing clients just like me?
  • Are the rates affordable? Are there hidden fees or costs that would drastically increase the advertised amount for filing Chapter 13?
  • Does this law firm offer client-focused services that are fast, easy, and convenient?
  • Will I be treated with the kindness and respect that I deserve throughout every step of the bankruptcy process?
  • After my debts have been discharged, what else can this law firm do to help me get my finances back on track fast?

Kain & Scott: Minnesota’s oldest and most trusted Chapter 13 bankruptcy law firm

We are Kain & Scott, Minnesota’s leading Chapter 13 bankruptcy law firm. For 50 years, our team of highly skilled bankruptcy lawyers have helped Minnesota residents discharge their debts and get their finances back on track fast. Unlike other law firms that only occasionally handle bankruptcy cases, our law firm only takes bankruptcy clients: bankruptcy isn’t just what we do, it’s all we do! Our focused experience gives us the ability to expertly guide our clients throughout the bankruptcy process and help them make smart financial decisions for their family’s future.

In a lot of ways, Kain & Scott is not your typical Chapter 13 bankruptcy law firm. For starters, we pride ourselves on being Minnesota’s Nicest Bankruptcy Law Firm – we don’t judge you for being in debt, we help you get your life back fast!

We also want our clients to regain firm financial footing and have a sincere desire to help you get out of debt. That’s why we offer free initial consultations, flat-rate affordable fees, and never charge hidden fees or costs: getting out of debt shouldn’t result in more debt!

At Kain & Scott, we want to make your St. Cloud Chapter 13 bankruptcy as fast, easy, and convenient as possible. In fact, we are so committed to making your life easier that we offer our clients their free initial consultation and filing of their Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition from the comfort of their St. Cloud home! Without leaving the house, we can guide you step-by-step through the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process and help you regain control of your debt.

But what really makes us unique is that, unlike other law firms, our relationship with our clients doesn’t end when their petition is approved. We understand that getting your finances back on track takes more than debt elimination; without a good credit score, you will still struggle to obtain financing for the things your family needs. Instead of abandoning you once your bankruptcy is approved, we offer our clients a FREE 90 Day Credit Repair Program that is a helpful no-strings-attached learning experience that can transform your credit score and allow you to obtain financing from our list of trusted Minnesota lenders.

Let us help you take the first step towards financial independence by visiting us online at today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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