(Video) How Long Does It Take For Chapter 7 To Be Discharged?

Posted by Wesley Scott on July 27, 2018 at 4:20 PM
Wesley Scott

What an exciting time in your life!? I know that sounds strange to say but once you summon that courage to tackle an overwhelming debt problem, you naturally want to know okay, how long does this take? The process starts with setting up a consultation with a competent bankruptcy lawyer. Never, and I mean never, ever, contact or meet with a paralegal or an out of state “sales person” who is a non-lawyer. Only lawyer can give you legal advice. Most will do it for free at the first consultation.

The last step in the process is actually receiving your Chapter 7 discharge. The Chapter 7 discharge is the reason you filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to begin with. When you receive a “discharge” your personal liability for your debts is now gone, tax free, forever!

From the time you file the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case until the moment you receive your Chapter 7 discharge, the process last approximately 4 months. Once the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case is filed, you attend a 341 hearing approximately 6-8 weeks after filing. After the meeting, you receive your Chapter 7 discharge approximately 60 days later. Now- that doesn’t mean you still pay on your debts after you file the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Most competent bankruptcy lawyers will tell you to cease making payments on your debts the moment you and your lawyer decide filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy makes sense for you and your family.

My point is, you will get relief as soon as you and your lawyer decide this is the road you should take. You don’t have to wait four months before help is on its way!


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