How Do I Know If Bankruptcy Is the Right Option?

Posted by Serena Seashore on January 13, 2021 at 6:45 AM
Serena Seashore

A wooden road sign with 4 different directional markers, each labeled Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, or Option 4, representing whether bankruptcy is the right option in MN.The internet is a crazy mechanism in which the ideal answers are easily sought, even if they are not correct. This is true for any circumstance or situation you may be in; medical conditions, car repairs, DIY experiments, and even money and debt. Why this is the case? We are unsure, the internet has a reputation for a reason! However, when you search about debt solutions, such as: not being able to catch up on bills, falling behind on your mortgage, or the constant hassling from creditors, look no further than, which conveniently is located right near the top of the search.

It is extremely common to be cautious or even downright afraid of the term “bankruptcy”. Naturally so, because it has typically been associated with a terrible reputation and disgrace. Let us explain why this is NOT the case. There is sheer panic associated with realizing you cannot pay the credit card bill for the month, make a minimum medical bill payment, falling behind on the mortgage, or “forgetting” to pay the vehicle payment. First of all, you are not the only person facing these difficulties. Especially during these pandemic ridden times, there is an incredible amount of uncertainty regarding jobs, paid hours, and bill forgiveness. Secondly, do not blame yourself or be disappointed—that simply does not solve anyone’s problems or offer any sort of solace. Thirdly, contact Kain & Scott. Reading our website is free, watching our videos is free, AND consultations are free. A consultation can provide you with answers, options, and an outlet to discuss private matters.

If you asked an employee of Kain & Scott why people file bankruptcies, we could list endless reasons; bills piling up, unable to build credit, constantly delinquent on the mortgage, etc. Bankruptcy can allow you to regain control of your life. It can allow you to start over, without the constant threat and harsh reality of debt. It is easy for a bankruptcy attorney to tell you these things, but as an attorney, we are able to learn new and unique ways how filing bankruptcies can change lives for the better. Get rid of the credit card debt that was taken out to survive and live day-to-day, stop overpaying for a vehicle and find something more affordable, get those sketchy payday loans off of your credit report! Taking the first step and setting up a consultation will be the most difficult, but the most rewarding decision.


You will not be penalized for consulting us. Kain & Scott will provide you with an ear to listen, options to discover and learn about, and a possible solution and avenue toward creating that fresh start everyone deserves. Give us a call or visit to discover the bankruptcy path.


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