How Do I Get Over the Fear of Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In St. Cloud, MN?

Posted by William Kain on November 28, 2017 at 12:25 PM
William Kain

don't fear filing for bankruptcy-1.jpgThere are better words in the English dictionary than bankruptcy. If you are not nervous about filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you are weird. But to the team at Kain & Scott, suffering from overwhelming debt is not unusual or weird. It’s called life. The humility of being alive.  No one dreams of getting married and going through a horrible divorce, no one dreams of starting a business and have it turn into a nightmare, no one dreams of having cancer so you can’t work or pay your bills and yet these things happen all the time.

Bad Financial Decisions Can Happen to Anyone

Businesses fail, incomes drop, medical problems occur, marriages and relationships break up, and yes, we all make bad financial decisions- so what? We are human- we are broken- we are born to make mistakes. If you tell me you have never made bad financial decisions, you are either 1) not human or 2) a liar, which is it going to be?

So what does it take to push the reset button and get your life back? First, it takes courage to know that you are suffering from overwhelming debt and second, you need the nicest bankruptcy law firm in Minnesota to understand you and help you solve this financial nightmare.

As nervous as our guests are- would you believe it if I told you they are happy as bill goats after they file bankruptcy and go through Kain & Scott’s FREE 90-Day Credit Repair Program? Well, you should be believe me because it’s true. Bankruptcy may taste like bad medicine but if it cures what ails you, you take the medicine and protect your family. No one regrets filing bankruptcy- but they always regret waiting so long before they file bankruptcy.


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