Cryptocurrency and bankruptcy in Minneapolis, MN  #6

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 9, 2023 at 7:30 AM
Wesley Scott

shutterstock_677490325Welcome back to our series of blog posts on the history and philosophy of the economy, bankruptcy, and debt – today let’s talk again about a more current topic: cryptocurrency.

This post will continue to merely skim the surface of current cryptocurrency issues, for what it is worth. Today, let’s discuss some other possible actions after being the victim of fraud. Last time, we discussed some national resources – this week we turn to actions that can be taken closer to home. 

First, with any fraud or scam, cryptocurrency or otherwise, one should reach out to their local or relevant police department to file a report. This is especially important if the fraud or scam was run locally. If so, the police may actually be able to help investigate in an immediately productive manner. However, even if it seems like your local police may not have any recourse against a scammer (whether due to physical distance, jurisdiction, etc.) it still is valuable to have a report from a third party public office, notating what might have happened. Finally, consider whether a different police department might be able to better help report the fraud, perhaps because they are nearer to the scammer.

After reporting to the police, consider reaching out to the Minnesota Department of Commerce’s “Commerce Fraud Bureau.” They employ peace officers as well as analysts and have ties to other state and federal agencies, making them a great resource. Much like your local police report, it is possible that the agency might have no recourse – but make a report anyways, so you have the documentation.


We will continue our discussion of cryptocurrency next time. If you are interested in the history and philosophy of the economy, bankruptcy, and debt, stay tuned for my blog posts. And, if you are thinking about filing, reach out to us at


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